Boost Your Property Value with the Right Flooring

January 30, 2018

Flooring is always mentioned in Cape Town property adverts, especially residential properties. They refer to “pristine and well-maintained rustic-look flooring in the kitchen” or “chic, modern luxury vinyl tile” or “plush wool carpets throughout”. These descriptions draw potential buyers in and you can be sure the first thing they will comment on when viewing your property is the flooring. It can be a deal-breaker if the flooring is not up to scratch.

Perhaps prospective buyers have just relocated to Cape Town and are looking for a change in lifestyle. They are looking for low-maintenance, exquisite, modern flooring that will help them ease into their new, more leisurely, Cape Town lifestyle. Home, work, or play; it is always a bonus for a buyer to get everything they want in a property, including the perfect flooring. So, if you are considering selling your property, think about the current state of your floors. Is it time for a revamp? Here is a look at two of the most popular types of flooring Top Carpets & Floors supplies in Cape Town and other parts of the country:

Luxury Laminate

Where do we begin with the benefits of this wonderful flooring choice? Consider this:

  • Laminate is a master at mimicking real hardwood floors – but at a fraction of the cost. Since home renovation projects can be costly, laminate is a great flooring choice for a home-improvement project in your Cape Town home or office.
  • This flooring not only offers a great variety of patterns and colours – it is resistant against fading, scratches and impacts.
  • Another reason laminate is so popular with our customers is that it is very easy to install. Easier installations mean cost savings, and you do not have to wait for days before being able to walk on the floor.
  • No trees are chopped down to manufacture luxury laminate floors, so you will also be doing your bit for the environment by choosing this style of flooring.
  • You will love the fuss-free maintenance of laminate flooring. Simply sweep and use a damp mop with laminate-friendly cleaning products once a week. This is a big plus for Cape Town homes that become holiday destinations for friends and family. It will be a breeze to get rid of beach sand and the flooring can withstand all the wet feet from the pool area.


It remains the world’s leading flooring solution for several reasons:

  • Carpeting complements décor by using colour, patterns and pile heights. Use carpeting to create the image you want in your home or business.
  • You will be spoilt for choice with patterns, cuts and colours to create the perfect look.
  • Carpet is a fabulous insulator, which is great for the blustery Cape Town winters. Carpets also absorb sound.
  • It is also a feel-good flooring choice. Have you ever tried to curl up and get cosy in front of the fireplace on a hard floor?
  • Trips and slips that can occur on hard floors are a thing of the past with carpeting.

We have a host of other exciting flooring options for Cape Town residents. Give us a ring today.

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