Branches in Cape Town Serve Domestic and Commercial Flooring Needs

At Top Carpets and Floors, we operate no less than five branches in the Cape Town suburbs, as well as more than another twenty that serve the needs of residents in the smaller towns of South Africa’s Western Province. With a significant and established presence in all nine of the country’s provinces, our company now operates in excess of 120 retail outlets nationwide. This makes us the nation’s largest supplier of flooring and related décor products. Still affectionately referred to as the mother city, it is the country’s second most populous city and its legislative capital and there are therefore only more retailers operating under the banner of Top Carpets and Floors in Johannesburg.

The company’s extensive national coverage via a network of branches that extends from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London in the south, to Polokwane in the north, and from Upington in the west, to Durban on the eastern seaboard has been achieved in just a fraction of less than 25 years. The expansion process is continuous and one that has been marked by the drive to innovate and, where seen as appropriate, to diversify. The result of these policies is that, today, the group now offers the widest selection of flooring solutions in the country. This includes woollen, synthetic and blended pile products, solid wood, engineered wood, laminates, vinyl, ceramics and green products, such as cork, rubber, bamboo and seagrass.

As a major centre, some branches in Cape Town are in a position to supply the entire Top Carpets and Floors range of products, which now includes blinds, shutters and even artificial grass. While some are included among the group’s more specialised outlets that also have the capacity to undertake large-scale commercial flooring contracts.

The chain only handles the products of the industry’s leading brands, sourcing them from a range of both local and overseas manufacturers. Our retailers are widely known for their high standards of professional service, as well as for top-quality, durable products with quite exceptional guarantees. We may not be the only flooring group with branches in Cape Town, but we are certainly the only one that is able to offer the city’s consumers such exceptional value.

The explanation is simple and is one in which there is no doubt that size does count. The combined stock requirements of more than 120 retailers, places our company, whose role is purely to provide a central buying and support facility, in a very powerful bargaining position when negotiating such large, bulk purchases. As a result, even leading international manufacturers are willing to concede very substantial discounts on their world-class products.

This ensures that our retailers within the group can, on a sustained basis, offer exceptionally competitive prices to the customers of our branches in Cape Town and all of our outlets nationwide. Rival companies are left unable to compete, other than by slashing margins to the bone for short-term special offers or by compromising on their service and/or quality.

A quarter of a century in the flooring industry has seen many changes in our company, in its operation and product mix, and in the nature of flooring itself. However, one policy from which our management has never deviated is that of placing our customers’ needs first. Whether dealing with one of the larger branches in Cape Town or a comparatively small outlet in one of the more rural areas, our clients may be confident that they will be met by someone willing, happy and competent to provide sound advice regarding the best flooring solution in any given circumstances.

The widest choice, generous free warranties, a 10-day colour replacement guarantee and a unique R1 million installation guarantee are other reasons why our branches in Cape Town and nationwide are always busy.

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