Aluminium Blinds Offer the Homeowner Numerous Benefits

Window treatments such as aluminium blinds are generally required to serve four main purposes. They can provide the occupants of a room with privacy when necessary. They may be used to adjust the level of sunlight that is permitted to enter the room, and they are also able to provide a simple but, nevertheless, quite effective means of climate control. Lastly, but certainly no less significant than these strictly practical uses, they are also an attractive décor item that is able to contribute significantly to the appearance of any room in which they are installed.

In fairness, the same can be said of their natural wooden or faux timber equivalents, but aluminium blinds also offer some additional benefits that have served to make them a popular choice with many home and business owners in South Africa. While some may argue that wood is the more elegant choice, this is really a matter of personal taste. The use of wood for this purpose dates back many centuries and so the claims of others who say that it is less suited for use in an ultra-modern setting may seem equally valid.

Whatever your views on the relative visual appeal of these options, the advantages offered by the use of these metal slats are to be seen in their functionality. Aluminium blinds excel in a number of areas…

Durability –The slats are highly resistant to the effects of heat and damp – an advantage for Durban, KZN, dwellers who are frequently faced with both blistering temperatures and high levels of humidity that can cause wood to warp. Despite their toughness, they are light in weight and may be raised or lowered effortlessly.

Energy Efficiency – More reflective than wooden slats, when closed, they effectively seal warmth in or out as required and, in doing so, they could help you to make a substantial saving on your energy bills.
Versatility – As these lightweight aluminium blinds have gained popularity, the range of available colours and designs has grown in parallel. This means that matching your existing décor will be no problem. There is often a choice of slat sizes and they may be tailor-made to fit non-standard windows if required.

Low Maintenance – They will never require painting and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. With an anti-static finish, they can actually repel dust.

Given their resistance to heat and damp, they are the perfect choice for home and business owners in KZN, especially on the coast. The area also offers another perfect choice. For unbeatable quality, prices, choice and service, it is hard to beat the Durban North branch of Top Carpets and Floors when shopping for aluminium blinds. Other areas that we service include Umhlanga, Richards Bay, Ballito, the South Coast, Pinetown, Hillcrest and Pietermaritzburg.

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