Revamping Your Home in Benoni? We Can Help You Choose the Right Blinds

Have you ever considered why some homes are just far more impressive than the average house? It is safe to say it has nothing to do with your budget when it comes to décor – there are plenty of wealthy spenders who have no idea how to transform a room into a spectacular work of art.

While Benoni is not as renowned for interior décor as the trendy fashion and décor capitals of South Africa (namely Cape Town and Johannesburg), we still meet numerous clients at our Top Carpets and Floors branch in Benoni. One thing that our valued customers all have in common is their desire to create a space that is functional and stylish.

What Is the Secret?

If spending large amounts of cash on your Benoni home won’t necessarily make it more beautiful, what will? What is the key to converting your home into something that an interior décor magazine would feature? The answer is simple: balance.

Balance in a room is the act of creating an equilibrium with every piece you introduce to the space, starting this artwork off means beginning with a canvas and working from there. Your three essential canvases are, of course, walls, floors and windows. Windows, in particular, are important because the kind of adorning you opt to cover your windows with has the ability to make the room larger or smaller. Window coverings essentially set the tone for the rest of your room, so getting it right is crucial.

7 Reasons Why Blinds Are the Best Choice

If you are looking for window dressings that are practical as well as trendy, then nothing beats the trendiness of blinds. At Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors, we favour blinds for the following reasons:

  1. Most blinds are more affordable than large, heavy curtains made of expensive material.
  2. You can control how much light you let into your home.
  3. Damaging UV rays are kept out of rooms and away from furniture that may suffer damage in direct sunlight.
  4. Blinds offer complete and total privacy.
  5. Installation is quick and straightforward.
  6. Blinds are energy efficient with their ability to insulate a room and keep rooms cool in summer and warm during the winter months.
  7. Blinds are customisable according to your specific needs.

Visit Our Benoni Branch

If you are located in Benoni and you are looking for a way to introduce harmony and balance to your home, why not partner with an established, professional company like Designer Blinds? As a division of Top Carpets and Floors, we can offer you a wide range of blinds that come in all styles, colours, fabrics and textures.

Our range includes:

  • aluminium Venetian blinds;
  • wooden Venetian blinds
  • bamboo blinds;
  • roller blinds;
  • motorised blinds;
  • Vertical blinds;
  • shutters; and
  • awnings.

So, whether you are looking for a classically modern look or a versatile, natural style, you can be certain we have it. Our professionals will help you find the perfect blinds to serve your particular needs and suit your style. Visit our Benoni branch or contact us and we will come to you with our mobile showroom.

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