LVT – The Practical Choice for Kitchens and Bathrooms

LVT or to use its full name, luxury vinyl tile, represents a new development in modern flooring solutions. A thick layer of transparent PVC, coated with urethane, provides the LVT flooring with protection against wear and tear. Together with a decorative film of PVC and two additional layers to provide stability and backing, the result is a product that is exceptionally comfortable underfoot yet just as tough as the harder laminates that it closely resembles to the unaided eye.

For a variety of reasons, it is a particularly practical choice for use both in the kitchen and the bathroom. Chief among these is that, unlike other flooring solutions, the waterproof nature of LVT allows it to withstand repeated and prolonged exposure to, spilled liquids, wet footprints, steam and damp air without any hint of damage. Like the more rigid MDF laminates, it requires no special maintenance beyond a quick once over with a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust or with a damp cloth to mop up accidental spills.

Apart from its durability and easy care, choosing a resilient flooring option can also be an excellent choice due to its exceptional insulating properties. If you are inclined to walk around barefoot, you will be instantly aware of just how warm an LVT surface feels beneath your feet. Its thermal insulation qualities also serve to reduce heat exchange and can thus contribute to energy savings. In the Eastern Cape, as in the other provinces, many South Africans now live in apartments. For them, that same insulating ability serves to deaden the sound of footsteps and other noises, and so these surfaces can be particularly valuable in helping to maintain good relations with those who occupy the flat below.

For Eastern Cape homeowners in the beautiful city of East London, the local Top Carpets and Floors retailer will be happy to advise you about LVT and its possible uses.

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