Affordable Carpets

12 Affordable Carpets You Will Love

Our range of affordable carpets means that homeowners can introduce that luxury feel of wall-to-wall carpeting to their homes without compromising on quality. Whether you enjoy how warm and cosy carpets are, or if you just enjoy that plush sensation underfoot, the Top Carpets and Floors collection has beautiful, cost-friendly options to suit your budget.

Affordable Carpets

Are Affordable Carpets Always Poor Quality?

When seeking flooring solutions, a good rule of thumb is to always buy the highest-quality product you can afford. Products of superior quality last longer and perform better. You won’t need to repair or replace durable floors as quickly, and usually, high-end products are the better investment. This does not mean there are not any budget-friendly options on the market, however. We aim to stock a variety of options in every price range to suit our customers’ needs.

Why Carpeting Is Still Popular for Residential Use

Carpeting has been around for centuries because it’s practical, comfortable and looks great – and it won’t stop trending any time soon. By introducing carpeting to your home, you get to enjoy the countless benefits associated with this exceptional product. Pros of installing wall-to-wall carpeting in one’s home:

  • The fibres in carpets provide extra cushioning. The plushness is more comfortable to walk on and offers more grip underfoot. If you do happen to fall, the cushioning absorbs much of the impact. Being joint-friendly and reducing falls is great for homes with toddlers and elderly individuals who are prone to slipping and getting hurt.
  • Carpets are softer than other forms of flooring and are therefore quieter and better at absorbing sound in a room.
  • They offer natural insulation and keep a room warm. This is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and lounges.
  • Apart from the comfort and energy-saving benefits carpets provide, they are stylish. They add a cosy and inviting ambience to a room, and maintaining this beauty is easy too.

No matter the price range in which you shop, you can find durable, high-quality options that still perform well and look beautiful. By partnering with us, we will assist you with affordable carpets and installation services that ensure a seamless final product. Below, we take a look at 12 designs that fall in the low-cost to mid-tier range that still feature stellar benefits.

Affordable Carpets

High-quality Cost-effective Designs at Top Carpets and Floors

1. Berberpoint 650 Broadloom: This design is made from a blend of Belgotex’s Stainproof Miracle Fibre and Stainproof Eco Fibre. It is versatile, cost-effective and highly durable. It is ideal for general to medium commercial use but performs well in areas like home offices, at-home studios and gyms, and hallways within a home.

2. First Choice: First Choice is one of the highly affordable carpets in our Designer Collection that is stain-safe and colour-fast. It is available in seven modern shades and is ideal for any room with its heavy residential rating.

3. Forever Tweed: The Forever Tweed design offers great value for money and comes in a variety of soft, natural shades to bring out the best in your décor and furnishings. The sophisticated feel of the carpet means you get to enjoy luxury that won’t break the bank.

4. Prestige:The Prestige is a soft-cut pile carpet with a smooth, opulent finish. It is available in deep, rich hues such as Navy Blue and Plum Red for those seeking to make a statement with their installation.

5. Dream Maker: The Dream Maker range comes in a comprehensive colour palette of 11 unique shades. Made from 100% Polypropylene Stainsafe yarn, this design is easy to clean and maintains its beauty for years. It has been specially designed to provide excellent underfoot comfort.

6. Co-exist:The Co-exist design is for heavy residential use and is rated as an affordable, yet still luxurious, option. This textured high-low loop pile style means a unique look that feels great underfoot.

7. Tiffany Magic: The Tiffany Magic is a chunky Berber design made from 100% PP Stainsafe yarn. It comes in five versatile shades to bring out the best in your home design.

8. Conscious: This heavy residential range by Belgotex was created to ground the user, relaxing them with a richly tactile foundation that creates a sense of peace and calm.

9. Silk Bliss: If you are looking for ultra-plush affordable carpets, the Silk Bliss is a superior choice. Its texture is so luxuriously soft, it is often recommended for bedrooms, and because it is available in sophisticated colour options, you can find the perfect shade for your room

10. Hermes – Tango: The Tango broadloom is stain-proof, fade-proof and features exceptional appearance retention. It is considered an extra-heavy-duty design, and its colours correspond with the Bravo and Delta designs if you are seeking the same style in different weights.

11. Luxury Wool Berber: When it comes to affordable carpets made from 100% pure wool, this is a phenomenal range. It’s ultra-comfortable and boasts outstanding sound absorption, performance and heat-insulating properties.

12. Carpet Tiles for Cost-friendly Style: Carpet tiles are also a versatile solution if you want more design control. Products such as our Fringe range are suitable for commercial applications but look just as stylish in residential spaces. Customers can also choose between planks or tiles which provide more pattern versatility through tessellation.

For affordable carpets that add value, comfort and luxury to your home, speak to our team today.

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