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Carpet Range from Our Designer Collection

Why We’re Loving the Angora Carpet Range from Our Designer Collection

Finding the perfect flooring for your home takes time; there is a lot to consider, and nobody wants to invest in a mistake. Carpeting is a favoured choice for many homeowners because it looks and feels luxurious, and it comes with many benefits too. Here at Top Carpets and Floors, it is our job to know what our local market enjoys and how international trends influence these preferences, and this is why our available carpet range never disappoints. Our Designer Collection boasts unparalleled quality and style, and one option we cannot get enough of this season is the stunning Angora range.

About Our Angora Design

If you are looking to add some opulence to your living room, lounge, or bedroom, the Angora carpet range is a matchless choice. This is a heavy residential option that can withstand a lot of traffic, and it is made from 100% pure wool. It comes in a tufted loop pile style with a mid-range price rating, which means it features super quality at a reasonable price. It also comes in several soft, neutral shades ranging from greys to beiges that give any room a natural, inviting feel. This is a carpet range that adds texture and warmth to a space, without overwhelming the room with a harsh aesthetic.

Wool Carpets are Durable

The Angora carpet range is made from 100% wool, which means there are several qualities to enjoy in the design. First off, wool is ultra-durable and not at all as delicate as people believe it to be. Wool is sufficiently durable to be installed in busy walkways, for example, and do not traffic (flatten) easily. The fibres are naturally coiled, so they remain springy and resilient for years to come. In this way, wool carpets often outlast many synthetic designs, and our Angora range displays this same longevity.

A Renewable, Sustainable Fibre Source

The world is moving towards greener, more environmentally friendly flooring options. The Angora range fits this criterion because wool is renewable. The material comes from sheep that grow wool, get shorn, and grow more wool again – and the sheep rely on this shearing process. This has less of an impact on the environment and provides customers with an eco-friendly flooring solution for their homes. The Angora carpet range also helps users cut down on their energy use. Wool is a superb insulator against the winter cold, but it remains a breathable material, which keeps it cool during summer. By reducing your heating and cooling indoors, you save on energy costs and protect the environment. Another factor that contributes to wool’s environmentally friendly properties is that it is biodegradable – it will decompose without leaving behind harmful residue in a landfill when eventually discarded.

You’ll Enjoy Colour Retention for Years

A complaint many homeowners have about carpeting is that it looks beautiful for a while, and then begins to lose its vibrancy. Our Angora range is fade-resistant and will retain its colour performance for ages. Wool’s chemical make-up is protein-based, and it takes on dyes (and keeps the colour) easily. Colour fastness is a major draw for anyone seeking superior flooring, and wool carpeting fits the bill.

Maintaining Wool Carpeting is Easy

The natural coating on wool is what allows sheep to stay warm during cold and rainy weather, and the fibres, therefore, resist water-based stains with ease. The structure of the fibres also shields them from dirt and liquid, ensuring dirt remains at a surface level where it can be cleaned up or vacuumed without fuss. Dirt and soil also do not adhere to the fibres easily, so even when a mess does happen, removing it is no problem. This naturally dirt-repellent carpet range holds up well in a normal environment, but stubborn dye-based stains will be tough to remove. For homes where tough spills and messes tend to occur at the hands of children or pets, for example, a solution dyed nylon option may be better suited.

Carpet Range

It is a Fire-retardant Material

Wool is often a preferred carpet choice for crowded public spaces, like airports, due to its flame resistance. It has a higher ignition point because the fibres have high protein and moisture content. This means it is difficult to ignite, and when it does catch alight, it is more likely to extinguish itself, spreading fewer flames and releasing less heat. It will also not melt or drip. Therefore, it is a particularly safe option for homeowners who are afraid of flammable furnishings in riskier spaces such as living rooms with a fireplace.

Enjoy Comfort Any Time of Year

Our Angora carpet range is perfect for any season, whether warm or cold. In summer, it naturally absorbs moisture in the air which moderates high indoor humidity – and it does so without feeling clammy or damp. Humidity during summer adds to the heat in the room, and wool carpets thus make the space feel cooler. Once air dries out, the wool fibres release the moisture back into the air, acting as a natural humidifier.

A Health-friendly Design

If you are seeking a carpet range that is hypo-allergenic, neutralises volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has excellent anti-microbial properties, our Angora design performs phenomenally. Wool carpets do not give off harmful emissions and bacteria do not easily thrive in this kind of material.

If you would like to know more about our Angora range and how to get a personalised quote for an installation within your home, feel free to speak to our team today.

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