Engineered Wood Flooring

What does Engineered Wood Flooring Cost?

Engineered wood flooring is a majorly popular choice in many homes in South Africa and beyond.

Engineered wood is humanmade, meaning that it isn’t entirely natural and thus undergoes a specialised manufacturing process. It is made up of built-in layers which are bonded together.

At Top Carpets and Floors, the top layer of our engineered wooden flooring is made of White Oak wood veneer, and each subsequent layer comprises bonded plywood.

However, despite its intricate production, many are surprised to learn that it is an affordable flooring option. If you’ve been asking, “what does engineered wood flooring cost?”, then this article is for you.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Cost Considerations When Installing Engineered Wood Floors

When installing engineered wooden floors, there are various cost considerations to think about. Not only will you need to purchase the flooring, but you will need to consider installation and preparation costs too. Associated costs include:

  • Your floor space in square meters: Larger rooms boasting bigger square meterage will need more flooring. Since you pay per square meter, room size will impact the cost.
  • Floor removal: Another factor that can alter the price point is the original floor. If the existing floor needs to be removed, this will enhance the costs associated with laying the new floor and removing the old one. If the subfloor needs work, such as filling in cracks, a self-levelling screed, costs will also increase.
  • Professional installation: While professional installation will add to your initial cost, it can save you money in the long run as you’ll be under warranty. You’ll also relish the peace of mind that professional installation brings.
  • Your engineered wood flooring choice: Different engineered wooden flooring options come with different price tags. Premium ranges and thicker planks will be more expensive than entry-level ranges. Keep in mind that it is important to select a quality product to ensure a lasting aesthetic and continued performance.

The Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

When considering the cost of these floors, it’s important to think about the benefits involved in choosing engineered wood flooring. They are plentiful when you purchase from the Top Carpets and Floors range and install the product professionally with our team.

  • An affordable option: While several factors determine price points, the reality is that engineered wood flooring can yield fantastic cost savings. Engineered wood flooring costs don’t have to break the bank. It’s much more affordable than solid wood floors and will also provide a great return on investment to those who install it in their homes. To calculate the cost of your preferred product for your home’s specifications, use our handy cost calculator.
  • Ups your home’s value: Many home buyers want to purchase homes that already have updated finishes, and this makes perfect economic and time-saving sense. When you lift tired and old carpets and floors and replace them with premium engineered wood counterparts, you immediately modernise your home and enhance its value. When determining costs, consider the returns it will bring should you choose to sell your home.
  • It’s environmentally friendly: Another plus is that engineered wood is an environmentally friendly solution. It enhances your green footprint and integrates environmentally savvy materials into your home. It is also non-toxic, so it is safe for families, children and pets.
  • Offers stability and reliability: When relying on our installation experts, stability and durability are guaranteed. Our care sheet informs you how to maintain your engineered wood floor for optimal performance and longevity.
  • A versatile choice: With so many finishes to choose from, clients can install the perfect engineered wooden flooring solution for their design preferences and style. If you want to explore how a particular floor will look, why not try our room visualiser tool? Simply upload a picture of your chosen room and see how our products will fit in the space. Once you’ve found a colour and style you like, request a quote or pop into your nearest store.

When considering what engineered wood flooring costs, keep these benefits in mind. Whether you have an apartment, townhouse, large home, or commercial property, these floors offer the perfect balance of practicality and panache. Options also range in price, offering many opportunities for those interested in revamping their space.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Our Quality Selection of Engineered Wood Flooring

  • BKB Oak: Available from R 1,025 to R 1,075 per m2 in colours that include Imperial Walnut, Tomorrow Honey, Vintage Ice Age, and Tomorrow Ivory.
  • Timeless: Available from R 1,100 to R 1,205 per m2 in Patek Phillipe, Timeless Breitling, Timeless Rolex, and Audemars Piquet, among others.
  • FinOak Unfinished: Available from R 1,100 to R 1,670 per m2 in styles ranging from clear to rustic.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed When You Shop with Us

The cost of engineered wood flooring varies per product, but with high-quality options, you can reap the benefits of choosing this flooring solution for years to come. At Top Carpets and Floors, our premium range of options will not disappoint.

With 130 stores countrywide, we are here to assist you. For more insight into our products and installation services, contact us today.

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