A 4-Step Planning Guide to Flooring Your Cape Town Home

If you have recently relocated to the beautiful city of Cape Town, or if you are simply in the mood for some change, then you might be considering how best to modify your home and add a splash of liveliness in the place of dull or drab décor. One of the most transformative changes you can make is by changing up your floors. That’s because your flooring is the first place where people will make contact with your home. So why not revamp this essential part of your property?

At Top Carpets and Floors, we have many years of experience in the flooring industry, which means we know what our clients from Cape Town are looking for and how best to help them. Redoing your home is not a challenge to fear, but rather an exciting adventure in which you get to show off your creativity and style. To help you, we have created a planning guide that will provide for you a basic outline of how best to overhaul the flooring in your Cape Town home.

Step 1: Identify Key Points of Your Lifestyle

The flooring solution you choose will need to accommodate your lifestyle. Having a lot of children and pets in the house, for example, means that you will need scratch- and stain-resistant flooring. If you work from home, you would probably prefer peace and quiet, and a sound-absorbing floor would suit you well. Consider how often you spend time in rooms such as the kitchen and living room, and whether or not you feel your home is too warm or cold.

Step 2: The Golden Thread in Your Style

While functional flooring is a priority, there is no need to compromise on your personal taste. Whether your style includes a love for wood, textured material, or even a specific colour, you can find a flooring solution that fits into these categories. Decorating the rest of your home will fit seamlessly in with your floors because you would have chosen something in which you enjoy living.

Step 3: Seek Professional Advice

While your personal preferences are what counts most, don’t discount the value of professional advice. Those who work in the flooring and carpeting industry might be able to assist you in finding more affordable alternatives to your floor design of choice and even notify you of current promotions running. You can also ensure that you are aware of any possible pitfalls to look out for when you install your flooring.

Step 4: Professional Installation

While the internet offers plenty of advice on DIY flooring, we strongly suggest professional installation. If you haven’t installed your own floors before, you might find that it isn’t as simple as online do-it-yourself guides make it seem – especially since those who create such guides are usually professionals themselves. It will be in your best interest, though, to rather call upon the services of experts if you wish to avoid costly mistakes.

If you are looking for top-notch flooring solutions in Cape Town, then you will be pleased to know that we have several Top Carpets and Floors branches in and around the Mother City. For highly trained flooring expertise, visit one of our Cape Town stores today or contact us online.

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