4 Factors to Consider About Home Floor Designs

Perhaps you have just moved into a new house, townhouse or flat and you are looking to remodel your home, or maybe you really want to spice things up after years of living in the same space. One of the easiest ways to transform a living area without changing too much is to replace your flooring.

Home floor designs are something that many homeowners are interested in, even though they might not have thought through the practical implications yet. At Top Carpets and Floors, our brand has specialised in flooring designs since 1989, and with every passing year, we continue to stock reputable brands that keep up with the latest in flooring technology and interior décor trends. While choosing your flooring solution, there are four factors to consider. By thoroughly exploring these aspects, it will make your planned purchase much more informed.

1. The Kind of Budget You Have

Designating a financial allowance to your flooring project will significantly influence the type of product and quality you will get. While there are many affordable types of flooring, try to find a premium home floor design within that range – your floors are, after all, an investment that you would like to last many years. For a cost-friendly product, luxury vinyl planks as well as laminate flooring both simulate real hardwood and tile for a fraction of the price.

2. Where the Flooring Will Be

When implementing a floor design in your home, take into consideration the nature of the room. Kitchens, for example, deal with many messes. As such, you would need a floor that is easy to clean. Bathrooms and basements are both high-moisture areas, and so flooring like hardwood is not ideal in these spaces.

3. The Traffic Your Floor Will Endure

Every room in the house experiences a different level of traffic. The garage, for instance, deals with heavy machinery like cars, while the living room endures foot traffic from guests and family members. Consider what your lifestyle looks like, whether you have children, pets, and plenty of guests, and look into a type of home floor design that will accommodate your lifestyle best.

4. Maintenance and Care

Certain types of flooring will require a little more care than others. Hardwood floors are especially hard to care for due to how moisture, sunlight, and even your beloved pet’s nails can ruin the finish. Hardwood alternatives such as laminate floors and luxury vinyl planks are far easier to clean, and you will never need to worry about fading colour, staining, scratches, and warping due to moisture.

Reimagine Your Dream House

If you don’t yet think that a new floor will have a tremendous impact on your living space, then have a look through our online catalogue to get an idea of just how much influence the right home floor design has. For more information on our fantastic products, get in touch with us today by contacting our professionals at Top Carpets and Floors or visit your nearest branch.

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