Carpet Care in Water Scarce Areas like the Western Cape: How to Keep It Clean

August 29, 2018

Western Cape homeowners may be wondering what the best way is to keep their carpets clean without using water. The trick with carpets is to keep up with maintenance, addressing spills and dirty marks as they occur, and making sure you vacuum regularly.

The beauty of quality carpets is that they are very low maintenance. With regular maintenance, the money you have invested in carpeting your home will offer a good return. A well-looked-after carpet can stay beautiful and look new for many years.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Here are but just a few benefits if you maintain your carpets regularly:

• It keeps your carpet looking new.
• It extends the lifespan of your carpet.
• Trapped dust and allergens are removed by regular vacuuming.
• Addressing spills and other spots quickly means that these do not have time to seep deeper into the carpet fibre and become difficult to remove.
• If you want to sell your home and the carpets are in a good condition, you are more likely to get your asking price.

With the water crisis in the Western Cape slowly improving, we recommend that those with carpets in their homes and offices look towards routine maintenance, rather than leaving matters until the carpets are in dire need of deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning should only be necessary once a year, if you carry out routine cleaning and have installed the right type of carpet for each particular area in your home. If you do not currently have carpets in your home, but are in the market for new flooring, carpets are a great option, even for water-strapped areas like the Western Cape. The amount of maintenance needed will depend on what type of carpet you choose for the various areas in your home.

Be Water-Wise

To be water-wise in the Western Cape, consider these four factors before choosing a carpet:

1) Feet: Always think about the foot traffic in a particular area when deciding on the right carpet.
2) Colour: Darker colours are best for high traffic areas, like entrance halls and staircases. Remember that darker colours can also make a room appear smaller, especially if the walls are also a dark colour. Darker colours hide marks better than lighter colours.
3) Style: Plush carpets may need more maintenance than a tight loop carpet. High traffic areas need a durable carpet that can withstand a lot of activity. Go for something more luxurious in a main bedroom or guest suite, and a hardier carpet style and design for children’s playrooms or living areas.
4) Supplier: There are hundreds of carpeting stores around. You should look for one that is reputable and offers professional installation and after sales service. Be sure to ask about the guarantees and warranties on both the products and installation.

Do not let water shortages in the Western Cape prevent you from enjoying the luxury of a carpeted home.

Top Carpets and Floors has branches nationally and we welcome any questions you may have on carpet maintenance in drought conditions. Let us help you find the perfect carpets for your home too.

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