7 Reasons Your Neighbour Is Winning the Turf War

July 11, 2017

Are you tired of the grass always being greener on the other side – of your fence?

You have diligently adhered to the recent water restrictions and your lawn has suffered as a result, but why not your neighbour’s? It would seem your neighbour is the only one in the street whose lawn has come out of the recent drought and water-shedding more pristine and greener than it has ever been. You are a tad green with envy, right? But what is your neighbour’s secret?

Well, it is not a new-fangled lawn dressing or a new gardener with the greenest of fingers capable of defying any season, restriction, or infestation. Undoubtedly, the thing which has you green with envy is, quite simply, not a real lawn – it is synthetic grass.

Here are 7 reasons to love synthetic grass…

#1 No Water

Most municipalities may have lifted water restrictions recently, but water remains a valuable resource in South Africa and residents are being urged to continue their saving habits. Pristine, velvety lawns come at a cost and are high-maintenance. In fact, it is estimated that watering lawns accounts for up to one-third of residential water usage. Synthetic grass requires no watering and looks well-manicured throughout the year, so it is a great way to reduce your water usage in line with South Africa’s critical focus on long-term water reserves.

#2 No Tools

You can sell your lawnmower, because you will have no use for it after installing synthetic grass. The maintenance requires only a quick sweep and spray to clear your lawn of leaves (or, we will give it a professional makeover).

#3 No Pesticides

Natural lawns’ maintenance often calls for herbicides and pesticides, which are harmful as they filter through the soil to the water table. Synthetic grass is earth friendly and will require no insect exterminating products – ever!

#4 No Patches

A shaded, leafy garden is lovely to have, especially in summer when a cool spot is highly sought after. An abundance of trees, however, causes shady patches where nothing grows. Synthetic grass is the perfect all-area cover that loves sun, shade, and everything in between.

#5 No Mess

Dogs love to roll on synthetic grass and it is soft on their paws. The texture is also authentic enough for them to happily do what they usually do on lawns, except that it is so much easier to clean up. Urine flows straight through synthetic grass and solid waste is far easier to pick up than it is on a natural lawn. There will also be no more brown patches from doggie wee, as is the curse of natural lawns.

#6 No Damage

Synthetic lawns are durable surfaces for high-traffic areas. Applications range from indoor playgrounds, sport surfaces, restaurant seating areas, and landscaped gardens at hotels, to guesthouses and residential spaces.

#7 No Sweat

Once your lawn is installed, you will have more time on your hands, because it will take care of itself and look amazing all year long.

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