How to Lay Artificial Grass Outdoors

January 18, 2023

With heat waves and drought-prone regions, many South Africans opt to install artificial grass. Our country's sunny climate is the envy of much of the world, especially when we enjoy those long balmy summer evenings.

However, the enduring heat can cause alarm when it comes to maintaining our lawns and gardens in general. As a water-wise option, artificial grass is a great solution and it also adds aesthetic charm, ensuring that gardens don't become dust bowls characterised by patchy dry spots.

This product has many advantages, especially when you choose professional installation. But do-it-yourself enthusiasts who are up for the task can also install synthetic lawns.

Artificial Grass

The Top Advantages of Artificial Grass

There are many perks to this product. Some include:

Easy to maintain and durable:Artificial grass requires hardly any maintenance – no more having to water or mow the lawn. It's also durable and hardy, meaning that it can easily withstand the elements and a great deal of foot traffic.

Say goodbye to dry patches: Since it's not a living organism, artificial grass doesn't need watering. It can thus withstand droughts and will always look lush and green, no matter the season.

Fewer bugs and allergens: One of the best benefits is that it isn't a welcoming home to critters. Your garden will be clear of unwelcome bugs and pesky allergens.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor areas: Artificial grass is a brilliant choice for outdoor gardens and indoor areas as it is a super versatile solution.

6 Steps to Follow When Laying Artificial Grass Outdoors

First and foremost, we would always advise clients to opt for professional installation when it comes to artificial grass. While at-home installation is certainly possible, going the professional route ensures that the synthetic lawn is installed optimally and that you're privy to all installation guarantees. The process of installing it includes these steps:

Step 1:

It's all in the plan. You need to decide where you want to lay the artificial grass and clear the area accordingly. Make sure there are no water pipes and cables directly below the area's dig depth. Clear the space of all rubble, stones, and bricks. Dig around 7 to 10 cm before you begin the process of laying the grass.

Step 2:

Now, add your edge to ensure that the artificial grass doesn't spill over or separate. Opt for waterproof edging systems for added durability.

Step 3:

Next up, it is time to lay a solid stone base. Ensure that there is an adequate drainage system and use a renowned product like Granite Dust or sharp sand to lay a strong flat surface. Failing to lay a proper foundation will lead to serious problems down the line.

Step 4:

Add a weed membrane to ensure that weeds don't take root and poke through your artificial grass.

Step 5:

Once you have prepped the space, added a secure base and applied weed membrane, it is time to lay the lawn. Unroll the product very carefully, ensuring that you don't disrupt the weed membrane. Once you've laid it, trim all the edges and make sure that your blade stays sharp to obtain a clean line.

Step 6:

Finally, add the sand and kiln to your artificial grass to give it that natural look.

Laying a synthetic lawn also requires important tools which include turf cutters, shovels, carpenter’s square, utility knife, joining adhesive, tape measure, broom, and stiff gloves.

Artificial Grass

Professional Synthetic Lawn Installations

When you purchase and install artificial grass through Top Carpets and Floors, you can enjoy the following varieties:

  1. Designer Grass: This mid-range product is convenient, hassle-free and DIY-friendly.
  2. Likelawn is available in several sizes and provides a natural-looking aesthetic to any setting.
  3. Artificial Grass Collection: A UV-stabilised option that promises longevity and durability.

With our premium products and first-class installations, we offer clients the peace of mind that their lawns will last. We guarantee you the following benefits:

  • Only vetted fitters will install your lawn.
  • They will pay great attention to detail, ensuring a seamless operation.
  • They prioritise punctuality, ensuring that they arrive on time and complete the job at the agreed time.
  • They understand the product extensively, making them experts in the field.
  • You will get a two-year installation guarantee provided the product is properly maintained.
  • A R1 million installation guarantee is available should any disputes arise around installations at domestic properties.

If you are ready to redesign your garden or home, then get in touch with us. We will happily send you an estimation or offer insight into our various offerings. With 130 stores nationwide, you can find your nearest branch with our store locator. Our selection of top-quality flooring solutions suits a range of budgets, style preferences, and needs. Let us assist you in transforming your home and garden into your dream space.


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