Rugs for Your Lounge

5 of Our Favourite Rugs for Your Lounge

Rugs for Your Lounge

Area rugs are common additions in places like the lounge or sitting room. Whether your floor is made from a hard surface, like solid wood, laminates, or tile, or even if it is covered in wall-to-wall carpeting, adding a rug to the space will tie the room together. They anchor the aesthetic of the room, usually by making use of specific colours or textures that draw the eye. For homeowners who do not wish to redo the flooring in their lounge, or for those who just want to add more depth and interest to the room, a well-placed rug can make a world of difference. That said, the addition of a rug in your lounge is not just about style, but the practical benefits it offers as well. If you are shopping for rugs for your lounge, then our trendy range may boast just what you are seeking.

Why Rugs in a Lounge Are so Essential

When chosen carefully, rugs can liven up a space, accentuating other décor and furnishings while showcasing the best your lounge has to offer. Whether you want to create a light and airy feel in a room, or add some depth and intensity, the right rug of the right size can accomplish this. There are other functional benefits too, such as:

  • ·They make the room cosier
    Floors with hard, solid surfaces like tile or hardwood can look and feel cold. They don’t absorb impacts underfoot either, which means walking on them is not always comfortable. Areas like lounges and sitting rooms are often where people gather and spend time together, so making this space comfortable and cosy is important. Rugs are a far softer option and are flexible underfoot, which means they take the impact with every step. They also create a homier aesthetic by making the room look more welcoming.
  • You can move them about
    If you happen to grow tired of where your rug is situated, you can simply move it to another section of the room, or another area of the house altogether. They are affordable enough to roll up and replace as trends change, so you are not stuck with the same style for the next decade.
Rugs for Your Lounge
  • They protect your floors
    In rooms as busy as lounges and sitting rooms, certain kinds of floors can take a beating. Hardwood, for example, is prone to dents from heavy furniture, as well as scuffs from shoes and scratches from animal claws. A large area rug placed underneath furniture or in the walkway can help to prevent damage from wear and tear.
  • They improve acoustics in the room
    Without soft furnishings in a room, the sound is left to bounce around on hard surfaces, causing an echoing effect. An area rug will help to absorb sound, which is useful in a room where people watch television or listen to music. Hard floors such as wood can also be quite loud when walked on, and rugs dampen the sound of footsteps.

How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Space

When shopping for rugs for your lounge, practical considerations must be prioritised. Size can be tricky because going too large means your rug becomes the focal point and the floor beneath is out of sight. Rugs that are too small are often lost and create confusion in the room instead of grounding it.

Placement is important, and you don’t want people to have to shuffle along the edges of a rug to avoid tripping. When placing a rug in your lounge, ensure that it either covers your walkway completely or leaves the walkway fully open for people to pass through. Other factors include colour, print or pattern, and material. The bolder the pattern and shade, the more of a statement piece your rug is going to be. If you are seeking something more neutral and calming, try a natural, earthy shade with a more textured material to add some interest.

Our Top 5 Favourite Rugs for Your Lounge

This season, there is no room for bland floors – trending collections now feature contrasting patterns, and bold greyscale shades are making a comeback. If monochrome isn’t your style, our range includes beautiful options in various hues too. Our top five favourites include:

1. Botanica Grey by Monn

Botanica Grey by Monn Rug for your lounge

The Botanica Grey by Monn is a durable, slip- and stain-resistant rug that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also UV-resistant, and, as all Monn rugs do, it features a beautiful print ideal for any lounge.

2. Alethea Rust Copper

Alethea Rust Copper Rug

A warm, vintage-patterned rug, the Alethea Rust Copper is made from nylon and is ideal for adding some antique luxury to a room.

3. Nguni Hide Inanda

Nguni Hide Inanda Rug

If you love the look of animal hide without harming animals, the Nguni Hide Inanda is the perfect rug for your lounge. It is made from 100% printed polyester and offers a soft and opulent feel.

4. Brussel Weave Night 5333

Brussel Weave Night Rug

The Brussel Weave Night 5333 round rug is both UV- and water-resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is also reversible, so you can choose the side that suits your decor best.

5. Cotton Marble Sky

Cotton Marble Sky Rug

For something a little more ethereal and softer on the eye, try the Cotton Marble Sky rug. This fringed rug will add character and colour to your lounge.

If you would like to shop for our selection of rugs for your lounge or want to know about our other flooring solutions, feel free to speak to our team today.

To learn more about all the various flooring options on the market, and find out which best suits your needs, download our free flooring guide.


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