5 Tips to Accessorise Your Home with Trendy Rugs

Your home is an expression of your personal style. Just as your furniture and décor make a statement about who you are, so too can rugs. They are an easy and effective way to complement the pieces you already have in a room and really bring the area to life.

You must never feel limited to one rug per room though. Rugs have gained a lot of popularity as the style accessory for every home, so be a bit adventurous with the styles and patterns available.

With a rich history of craftsmanship, you will be pleased to know that styles of rugs are constantly evolving. Many styles are constant and re-emerge as popular choices year on year, but there is always something new and exciting too.

It is easy to accessorise your home with a trendy rug, but you should think about what you want out of the purchase.

Consider these 5 things when rug shopping:

  1. What you already have in the room: The rug you buy must complement what you already have in a room. If you end up replacing décor to fit in with the rug you have bought, you have likely made the wrong choice. Your new rug should be an extension of the décor and furnishings that are already in place.
  2. Your current floor covering: Will the rug be placed over an existing carpet or is the floor tiled? It is totally on trend to scatter rugs around a carpeted room for a real pop of style, but your choice of rug will vary from that you may choose to place on a tiled or laminated floor.
  3. The use of the room: For a high-traffic area, like a hallway, for example, you will need a durable rug – perhaps something hand-knotted and in a darker pattern which will not show dirt easily. If the rug is to purely be a statement piece in the corner of a formal sitting room, you can go for an elegant picture rug in pastels or natural hues.
  4. The shape of the rug: Round rugs are very popular currently. They are a great way to soften the edges of a room or to create a focal point. There are all sorts of shapes to choose from though, so you can really play with concepts and creativity.
  5. The mood you want to set: A plush rug can make a room inviting and cosy, for example, while a nature-inspired style can create a calm, tranquil environment. A picture rug or two in a children’s playroom is an easy way to lift the mood to playful, creative and fun.

It is easy to fall in love with rugs as an affordable and easy way to make your home trendy. We do recommend, however, that you try to narrow down your choices before you start shopping.

Use the handy hints we have provided, or go to the Top Carpets and Floors online rug shop to start selecting trendy rugs for your home.

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