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Flooring for Every Room in Your Home

A Quick Guide to Choosing Flooring for Every Room in Your Home

Let us help you elevate your property with the ideal flooring for every room in your home – now, you don’t need to compromise on lasting style and durability. Choosing great floors for your property is a crucial decision that goes beyond mere style because your selection will influence the ambience of your living spaces, impact future décor decisions, and even affect your mood when you enter a room. Below, we give you some essential considerations to help you find the solution for the various spaces within your home to ensure value for money and performance for years to come.

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Flooring for Every Room in Your Home Based on Your Style

You can create your desired atmosphere with flooring that aligns with your aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s the natural beauty of that wood look, or the welcoming opulence of carpeting, your choice sets the tone for your home – so don’t be afraid to experiment!

The Foot Traffic in the Room

When choosing designs, you must consider the level of foot traffic in each room. Entrances, walkways, and stairs demand durable options like luxury vinyl tiles and wood-look laminates of a higher grade, which will effectively withstand wear and tear.

Family-friendly Designs

The wisest choice you can make is to choose floors that accommodate your family’s lifestyle. Homes with children and pets will benefit from stain-resistant and easy-to-clean floors. Allergies? Opt for seamless installations or low-pile carpets that trap allergens. Many people don’t know that they act as passive air filters that trap airborne particles like dust, pollen, and debris and, in doing so, remove them from the air we breathe in our homes. This feature is particularly advantageous for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies because indoor air quality is improved. When regularly vacuumed, these particles are removed, and you can breathe easy. This is applicable to all carpets – the more traffic carpets get, the more they need to be vacuumed.

Sustainable Flooring Options

Moisture, Humidity, and Temperature

Kitchens, bathrooms, and sculleries are considered high-moisture environments, and it is imperative to select moisture-resistant flooring. Products like SPC rigid boards outshine traditional choices like solid hardwood floors in these spaces as they don’t warp, rot, or swell out of shape when they come into contact with water. Our consultants can assist you in finding options that can handle each room’s needs.

Rooms that Face UV Damage

In rooms with abundant, direct sunlight, always choose fade-resistant flooring that won’t bleach under the sun’s rays as quickly. UV-resistant finishes on certain materials will extend the lifespan of your floors despite exposure to the harsh African sun. However, all products will fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Curtains or blinds are necessary to protect your floors from UV damage.

Invest in Professional Installations Where Possible

While DIY installations are tempting because all those online tutorials make them look easy enough, professional installation guarantees a seamless end product. Floating floor solutions like wood laminates and luxury vinyl tiles make for easier DIY projects, but they still require time, equipment, and expertise that are best left to trained professionals.

Allocating Your Budget

Allocate a budget that accommodates quality while shopping for the right floors. Investing a bit more upfront for the flooring for every room in your home ensures longer-lasting products that add value to your property, and it means you won’t be replacing your floors as frequently. The best principle is to spend as much as you can afford on high-quality designs from reputable brands.

Changing With the Seasons

Flooring trends do change, and if you enjoy following the latest interior design innovations, solutions such as hardwood planks and stone or ceramic tiles are certainly not for you. Rather, go for a flooring solution you can easily replace every few years when you redo your home to keep up with the times.

flooring solutions

Our Room Visualiser Tool

With us at Top Carpets and Floors, you have the option of stopping into one of our branches for some samples, but for a better overview of how our products will look in your home, you can try our Room Visualiser. This technology lets you upload a photo of any space in your home or use one of our demo images to try out different flooring designs. This way, you can find the perfect flooring for every room in your home. To find out how to use the tool and try it right now, click here.

What You’re Willing to Do for Maintenance

Some floors require special treatments and maintenance, such as hardwood floors. Other floors are much easier to keep clean, maintain, and repair if damaged. Talk to us about the level of care and cleaning you are comfortable with to get a better idea of which options would suit your lifestyle best.

We are here to help you bring your vision for your home to life, so don’t hesitate to talk to us about your lifestyle, needs, and style preferences so we can help you make it happen. Chat with us today for more.

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