5 Things You Haven’t Read About Carpets Before

Carpets have remained popular for centuries and most people know all about them, but we explore a few things you might not have read about this fabulous form of flooring. We all know that carpets come with outstanding benefits. They’re cosy and plush, they are superb at absorbing sound and impacts, and they instantly warm up any room. Because they have been around for so long, and because the market is continually saturated with new designs and innovations, you may think there is not much more to carpets. The truth is, there are countless interesting facts and facets about this product that one can explore. This article takes a closer look at five things that are not widely known about carpeting, so be sure to keep reading if you want to know more.

  1. Forecasted 2023 Trends Tell Us That Carpets Are Gaining Popularity

Interior design and décor trends change from season to season, with baseline flooring types such as carpets, luxury vinyl tiles and laminates dominating the market for the last few years. Predicted 2023 trends are still very much focused on innovative carpeting designs made from high-quality materials that boast superior performance in areas of the home with higher foot traffic. With the upcoming season, we still see designer trends leaning strongly towards natural aesthetics and eco-friendly designs. Sustainable products are important for consumers who care about the planet and seek out environmentally friendly options. With this comes the embracing and enjoyment of natural, earthy tones and textures. Carpeting with a twist is also in – whether this means bright colours, bold prints or abstract patterns. As minimalism fades out, more buyers are interested in carpets that make an eye-catching statement in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.

  1. Carpets Can Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

For the longest time, the idea that carpets contributed to allergies and poor respiratory health was common. Carpets are great at concealing dirt and many people assumed all that trapped dust and pollen aggravated issues like allergies and seasonal hay fever. A study in Germany, however, found quite the opposite to be true. The research was commissioned by the DAAB (The German Allergy & Asthma Society) and compared air quality in spaces with smooth floors versus areas covered in wall-to-wall carpeting. The study found that smooth floors actually decreased air quality. Other studies were conducted and found the same results. This makes sense because once allergens are trapped within a carpet’s fibres, they are not so easily re-released into the air. Smooth floors, on the other hand, don’t trap much dust or particles, and with minimal human activity, allergens that have settled on the floor are easily dispersed into the air again.


  1. Keeping Your Carpets Clean Is Non-negotiable

As discussed above, carpets are great at trapping and retaining dust and debris, which keeps allergens out of the air. These particles should never be left to remain in the carpet’s fibres, however. If you want to keep your carpeting looking and performing beautifully for years to come, you will need to regularly clean it. Certain products manage to hide stains and dirt very well, so you might not realise just how soiled yours really is. In fact, after only two years, an unmaintained carpet can hold up to four times its own weight in dirt. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum your carpets once or twice a week, depending on how often they are used. Homes with babies and pets, who spend a lot of time on the floor, may need to be vacuumed more regularly. Professional deep cleaning is also recommended at least once a year. To learn more about how to care for your product, have a look at our care sheet here.

  1. Persian Carpets and Rugs Were Created to Hold Deeper Meanings

Persian carpets and rugs are a lovely addition to homes and are often sought after for the handmade luxury they introduce to a room. What many people don’t know is that authentic, antique Persian rugs are usually made using colours, patterns and symbols that hold deeper meanings. Shades such as yellow and gold symbolise wealth, life, power and the sun, while red is associated with beauty, richness, and courage. There are also patterns such as the Herati which features a repeating floral motif with leaves that sometimes look like fish. This pattern may represent fish that swim up to the surface of the water during a full moon. Other symbols include birds, trees, swords and fruit which all hold their own meaning.

  1. There Are Several Types of Carpet Piles

The upper layer of fibres on a carpet is called the pile, and it is attached to the backing. These fibres can be made of various materials such as wool, nylon and polypropylene. There are various types of carpet piles, including:

  • Cut pile
  • Frieze pile
  • Loop pile
  • Saxony pile
  • Plush pile
  • Textured pile

Not only do the various piles affect what the carpet looks like, but also how it performs under certain conditions.

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