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Quartz Carpet CLASSIC or URBAN floors are both suitable for residential, commercial, hospitality, showrooms, institutional, hotel, lodges, spas, shopping centers and more. Quartz Carpet ® is unique and unrivaled in the stone flooring industry. Originating from Belgium four decades ago, it has been available in South Africa for the past two decades. Much of its international success is due to its natural aesthetic, timeless sophistication and smooth seamless surface area, which results in a delightful underfoot experience. Its longevity and durability have made it a first-choice flooring solution for numerous clients namely hotels, health spas, national retail outlets, auto showrooms, games lodges, office environments and residential homes.

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PLEASE NOTE: the pricing applies to Metropolitan areas. Surcharges may apply to outlying areas.

SEAMLESS FLOORING SYSTEMS | Seamless Stone | Quartz Carpet ® is an outstanding indoor & outdoor flooring solution that has instant visual appeal.

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• Excellent binder adhesion
• Solvent free
• UV and 100% colour stable (non-yellowing)
• Easy to apply
• Low odour
• Moisture cured
• Single pack

Appearance: Clear
Density: 1,02gr/cm3
Solid content: 100%
Viscosity: 1300 - 1500 cps
Pot life: 45 min @ 25°C
Ready for foot traffic: 24 hours
Complete cure: 7 days
Application temperature: +10 - 30°C.

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