Quartz Carpet Urban

PLEASE NOTE: the pricing applies to Metropolitan areas. Surcharges may apply to outlying areas.

SEAMLESS FLOORING SYSTEMS | Seamless Stone | A seamless stone paving option. Natural, decorative, smooth, slip and skid resistant.

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Urban, is a seamless stone option that is an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt, gravel, concrete, decking and paving. URBAN is often referred to as a wet pour hand-trowelled stone finish. The selected aggregates are blended with clear resins prior to installation and then trowelled to a smooth level finish. Design elements such as borders, logos, numbers, or patterns can be stylishly incorporated into the flooring.

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• Excellent binder adhesion
• Solvent free
• UV and 100% colour stable (non-yellowing)
• Easy to apply
• Low odour
• Moisture cured
• Single pack

Appearance: Clear
Density: 1,02gr/cm3
Solid content: 100%
Viscosity: 1300 - 1500 cps
Pot life: 45 min @ 25°C
Ready for foot traffic: 24 hours
Complete cure: 7 days
Application temperature: +10 - 30°C.