Krono Laminate Flooring

Choose Krono Laminate Flooring for Elegant, Tough and Eco-friendly Surfaces

The Swiss Group Krono is known worldwide for laminate flooring planks of exceptionally high quality. The Group manufactures a wide range of products branded variously as Kronotex, Kronostar and, in South Africa, as Kronopol. Here, this is a brand that features prominently among the extensive collection of composite boards that are available from many of the 120 stores that make up the nationwide Top Carpets and Floors chain.

Showing greater strength than many of its rival products, this is a quality that can be attributed to the manufacture’s exclusive use of High Density Fibreboard (HDF) to create the supporting core layer, as opposed to the less durable, medium density material (MDF) that is used quite widely in many of the competitor’s products.

Used in all Krono laminate flooring, the fibres that are used to form the core layer are separated from wood chips gathered from debarked spruce and pine, which results in a consistently high-quality and uniform colouring. Through the application of pressures and temperatures even higher than those used to create MDF, the fibres are fused with binding agents to produce the more tightly compacted, heavier and significantly stronger HDF. Used wherever natural timber and wood-based products are unsuitable, these composite boards are easy to install, extremely hard-wearing, and require only a bare minimum of routine care and attention to keep them looking as good as new for many long years.

Originating in a country that has long been known for its log cabins and expertly crafted wooden furniture, Krono laminate flooring reflects the extensive Swiss knowledge and experience of timber with a range of designs that are totally indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. Indistinguishable that is until you discover that you can trade in your electric floor-polisher for a mop, and yet readily restore their pristine surface shine in a matter of seconds. No different from the real thing, until you notice that these boards are able to resist, respectively, the denting, scuffing and scratching that is commonly caused by heavy furniture or high heels, scraping shoes and the sharp playthings so often favoured by children.

Given their many superior attributes, it will be a pleasant surprise to learn that the prices for Krono laminate flooring fall, not in the Top Carpets and Floors Premium or Deluxe ranges, but that all five of its Kronopol products are classified as affordable and two of them, quite justifiably, as best buys based on their price per square metre. The latter, rated as AC (Abrasion Classes) 3 and 4 respectively, are sold in South Africa as Constantia collections, intended for domestic use and known as “First Choice” and “Horizons”. The three remaining collections consist of the AC4 “Excellence” and “Helio” ranges, applicable for domestic and moderate commercial use, together with the “Massive” range. With its maximum rating of AC5, the “Massive” range is recommended as equally suitable for use in either domestic or commercial situations, where exposure to wear and tear is consistently heavy.

While Krono laminate flooring is both exceptionally tough, as well as surprisingly affordable, it should not be overlooked that this is also a product with stunning visual appeal, and the capacity to endow any room with style and an unmistakeable air of opulence that is hard to match. The wide range of patterns and shades offer sufficient choice to assure you of a product that should fit well, both when used with any existing colour scheme you may wish to retain or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, to form the basis for a total transformation.

Although suitable in most rooms, either alone or with some area rugs, if you prefer, you could simply confine its use to your home’s main access routes, such as hallways and stairs, and perhaps the kitchen or utility room. Your choices are unlimited with Krono laminate flooring.

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