10 Reasons to Replace Your Lawn with Artificial Grass in the Western Cape

June 28, 2017

The Western Cape is known for experiencing frequent droughts. With the increase in population and more pressure on the limited water resources, the province regularly faces water shortages. Natural grass surfaces are water-hungry and with water restrictions common in the Western Cape, more people are looking for suitable alternatives to natural grass.

Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible to design and manufacture natural-looking artificial grass with several advantages over natural grass in terms of maintenance, allergies, pet- and child-friendliness, and an environmentally favourable, water-wise profile. Here are the top ten reasons why you should exchange your natural grass lawn for a stunning and durable artificial grass lawn in the Western Cape:

Works where grass doesn’t

Gone are the dry areas under the trees. No longer do you have to plant different types of grass to ensure a consistently green surface both in the sun and in the shade. With synthetic grass, sun and shade are all the same. Say goodbye to ugly dry spots and hello to plush natural-looking lawn throughout the year in your entire garden.

Grass on the balcony or patio?

With artificial grass, you can have a lush green lawn at your penthouse, on a balcony, in play area, on the veranda, or on the office rooftop. Grass cannot grow on concrete, but you can install synthetic grass with an underlay to act as shock absorber, creating soft and comfortable relaxation areas.


Consider the possibilities of different colours of artificial grass. It is possible to have a blue netball court, a pink play area, and a yellow ball court. This is, of course, impossible with natural grass.

Low maintenance

No more lawn mowing, side trimming, raking, and fertiliser application if you opt for the artificial grass solutions suitable particularly for weather conditions in the Western Cape. Use less water and save on labour costs associated with natural grass maintenance by installing a synthetic lawn.

Designed to suit your requirements

Professional assistance with installation makes it possible to have the perfect design. And it will be difficult to distinguish the artificial grass from natural grass.

Fewer allergies

Many people suffer from grass-related allergies. This makes it difficult to enjoy the outdoor spaces at home. Nursery schools benefit from installation of synthetic lawns, minimising the risk of grass allergies amongst the small children.

Insect-free environment

Ants, snails, worms, and other pests and insects love natural grass. Reduce the risk of pest infestations with the beautiful artificial grass available from us.

Highly durable

Artificial lawns are more hardy than natural grass lawns. Though the lawns look similar, artificial grass does not wilt or die. As such, the lawn will last long, ensuring a good return on your investment.

More comfortable

Many people assume that artificial grass will be uncomfortable. They imagine the grass blades to be sharp, but the opposite is true. Indeed, it is more comfortable to walk on and certainly softer to sit on than real grass.


You also now have the option of installing artificial grass that has been designed specifically to be pet friendly, keeping your animals happy and safe against fleas and ticks often found in natural grass.

With so many reasons to fake it, why wait any longer? View our range of artificial grass and call on us for expert guidance to select an option that will meet your requirements.

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