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5 Fast Facts About Our Newest Commercial Laminate Range

There is no doubt about the fact that wood laminates have been a top contender for hardwood flooring since they emerged on the market decades ago. Since it first became popular in homes and commercial settings across the globe, it has evolved extensively. These days, laminates feature hyper-realistic imaging and embossing that make them look like an authentic wooden floor installation.

It is also a more affordable option that won’t set you as far back financially as hardwood flooring. Here at Top Carpets and Floors, we know why our South African clientele enjoys wood laminates, and we aim to continually stock products of stand-out quality. One such product is our sought-after Evolution range, and there are several benefits you can expect when investing in this solution.

1. Perfect for that Wood-Look feeling

The main reason why people enjoy hardwood floors is that they are considered luxurious. Wooden floors are expensive, and their upkeep can be tricky – and people associate such an installation with opulence and a high-style home. Wood is also a natural element that introduces warmth, comfort, and tranquillity into any space, making it an in-demand option for many.

It has many drawbacks, however, where our Evolution range steps up and claims first place. If it is the look of real wood you are seeking, then the Evolution range emulates it quite faithfully. It also features a much thicker plank (with a 12mm HDF Core) that feels like hardwood underfoot. To the untrained eye, it is hard to spot the difference. Then there is the fact that it is much more cost-friendly and does not require any special attention when being cleaned or maintained.

2. It Features Superior Water Resistance

Water damage is one of the greatest fears for anyone who has a hardwood flooring installation within their home or business. Various kinds of wood react differently when exposed to moisture for prolonged periods. It is always a bad idea, however, to install hardwood in areas where there is high humidity or a lot of moisture present. The reason for this is because wood is a porous material by nature, which means it will absorb moisture quickly. Once absorbed, water can have a disastrous effect – causing the wood to swell, warp, crack and even begin rotting. In commercial settings such as restaurants or retail stores, one small liquid spill that goes unnoticed is enough to damage wooden planks, which will then need an expensive replacement.

Our Evolution range, on the other hand, features superior water resistance. This means that while it is not 100% waterproof, it can withstand some moisture and won’t fail when accidental spills or messes occur. This gives it a real advantage over hardwood floors.

3. A Durable Product for Heavy Commercial Use

Before you invest in a laminate product, it is essential that you understand what its AC (Abrasion Criteria) rating is. This rating will help you determine how resistant the floor is to abrasions and impacts, as well as wear. These AC classes help manufacturers and stockists to define to which applications various products are best suited. An AC1 wear class is the lowest, which means that it is best utilised in residential settings where light foot traffic is experienced, such as bedrooms. Our Evolution range, however, has an AC5 rating. It is, therefore, ideal for medium to heavy commercial use (such as offices, retail stores, restaurants and even schools).

4. Years of Elegant Sophistication

Just because the Evolution range is perfect for commercial use does not mean it cannot be used in other spaces. This line is exceptionally stylish, with six distinct shades from which to choose that range from warmer to cooler hues. When used in a residential setting, the installation comes with a 20-year warranty. When used commercially under heavier foot traffic, you are still privy to an impressive warranty of 10 years.

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5. A Far More Affordable Option

There are three major reasons why our Evolution range is a much more affordable product than hardwood floors. The first reason is that laminates, across the board, are more reasonably priced. Secondly, because they are designed with a tongue-and-groove system, installing them takes much less time than other forms of flooring – which means installation costs less too. Lastly, it won’t break the bank to replace one laminate plank, especially if you purchase a few additional boxes in case an emergency replacement is needed.

Our Evolution range is also manufactured by Pergo, the original inventor of laminate flooring over 40 years ago in Belgium. Known worldwide for their excellent flooring innovations, Pergo uses patented materials in their manufacturing process and ensures that their products are free from toxic chemicals, making them safe for all environments. You also won’t get stuck looking for an installation contractor because here at Top Carpets and Floors, we do it all. From selecting your desired shade to ensuring the final installation is seamless, you can trust us to take all the fuss out of your flooring.

If you would like to find out more about our Evolution range, or any of the other superb commercial-grade flooring options we offer, why not speak to our friendly team today? You can click here to get in touch with us

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