5 Things to Know Before Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

Natural, or nature-inspired elements in a home are interior design features that never seem to go out of style. Hardwood floors are an example of such raw, earthy elements that one can introduce to the home. Though expensive and tricky to maintain, they are still seen as a statement feature that many homeowners covet, but they are not always a practical solution.

There are other sought-after wooden floor options, however, such as engineered wood flooring, that come with a whole host of benefits. There are also various styles from which to choose and with the right expert advice, you too can have this opulent feature in your home. Before buying engineered wood flooring, there are a few, key aspects to understand about the product.

1. There Are Several Advantages to Enjoy

Buying and installing engineered wood flooring throughout your home or business comes with a few perks when compared to hardwood floors. Along with that natural warmth and timeless aesthetic, you can expect to pay much less for this product.

It is also a much more stable solution that resists temperature and moisture changes far better than hardwood, which adds to its longevity. It is dimensionally stable and installations can, therefore, include glueing, nailing or screwing them down. If any scratches or scuffs occur, a product with a thick enough wear layer can be sanded down and re-finished to look good as new. The best part is that it is virtually indistinguishable from real hardwood floors.

Buying engineered wood flooring comes with the benefit of having a vast range of plank widths, styles, shades and finishes from which to choose.  All in all, this is a superb solution for homeowners with a tighter budget than hardwood floors allow.

2. How its Layers Affect the Quality of the Product

The reason why the product looks so authentic is that it’s made from a top layer that is genuine solid wood. Beneath this is a core that is made of multiple bonded (up to 12) layers of plywood. These layers are stacked and cross-layered, and then bonded together with glue and pressure. Multi-layered cores are preferable because they are usually much more stable and reliable.

Before buying engineered wood flooring, you will need to decide upon the thickness of your wear layer, as this will influence the longevity and quality of your product. For a more high-quality, refined product, look for ranges with a thicker wear layer made from a single section of timber. Thicker wear layers also mean that it is possible to sand back some of the surface in the event it is required.

3. DIY Installations Are Not Always Recommended

Saving money is one major incentive for buying engineered wood flooring. You are still going to enjoy that natural feel of hardwood without breaking the bank.

To take these savings even further, many homeowners may attempt to install their products on their own. Without proper expertise and knowledge, though, this could be a mistake that costs, even more, to rectify in the end. Rooms with a lot of angles, corners and even stairs, are going to make a DIY installation harder because it will require precise measuring and cutting to ensure seamlessness. Then there are the specialist tools one will need, depending on the kind of installation you decide upon. Buying tools such as an air compressor or pneumatic stapler could add to the overall cost, which may not be worth it in the end.

buying engineered wood flooring

4. The Cost of Installation Depends on The Substrate Floor

When buying engineered wood flooring and having it professionally installed, one cannot only take the price of the boards into account. There are various other factors that influence the price of installation. One major aspect that many homeowners overlook is what kind of preparation the substrate floor will require. The subfloor will need to be level and free from any moisture, and additional labour will be needed if issues such as mould or water damage are present. A professional installer will also inform you on whether a specific product can be installed above radiant heat or in a room with a different level of humidity than the rest of the home. Getting an accurate quote will usually entail having a professional visiting your home to assess the space.

5. Find a Supplier You Know You Can Trust

Not all suppliers are going to offer you the expertise, guidance and beginning-to-end assistance that we at Top Carpets and Floors do. Not only can you rely on our installation guarantees, but you can trust that the products we stock are of exceptional value. Buying engineered wood flooring from us means that you are investing in a solution that will last you years while looking superb. We will answer all your questions and our commitment to going the extra mile for each esteemed customer is unparalleled. With us, there is no need to second-guess product quality or our professional competence – our reputable name speaks for itself.

If you are keen on buying and installing engineered wood flooring and want to get your quote today, contact us for more information  here.

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