Combine Versatility with Elegance by Simply Choosing Venetian Blinds

The wood Venetian blinds of the distant past, though meeting the practical needs of the time to an extent, were markedly different from the sophisticated, modern products that adorn the windows of our homes, shops and offices today. The term originally referred to a structure composed of wooden slats that were spaced at intervals and held together by strips of cloth or canvass.

Their effect was to limit the light entering a room to that penetrating between the gaps. So, they did provide the occupants of a building with a minimal, but no less welcome, degree of protection from the heat and the glare of the desert sun, given that wood Venetian blinds originated not in the medieval maritime republic but far earlier in the kingdom of Persia.

Having been imported by the port’s traders and exported almost unchanged to the rest of the continent, significant modifications, first by British and later by American manufacturers, eventually saw the means to raise and lower them and to adjust the angles of the slats added. Today’s products are not only far more efficient but they have also become accepted throughout most of the world as an attractive addition to the décor of homes and business premises in their own right.

The popularity of the new generation of wood Venetian blinds has reached new heights in South Africa. In the Western and Southern Cape regions, the demand for these window accessories appears to have reached a new high. One purely practical explanation for this trend could be that homeowners are finding that these structures are able to provide an effective means of climate control. During an era in which load shedding and rolling blackouts regularly leave power-starved electric space heaters and air conditioners unable to operate, that appears to make a lot of sense.

Luxaflex is an established industry leader in this field. So, in keeping with Top Carpets and Floors policy, this fact has served to position their wood Venetian blinds as a valuable addition to our extensive and growing range of world-class interior décor accessories. When it comes to beauty, few materials can compare with that of a natural timber and so apart from providing essential shade and privacy wherever it may be needed, their mere presence in a room is guaranteed to add a touch of elegance.

On a more practical note, while they are available in a number of standard sizes, they may also be tailored to fit any window, alcove or entrance in which you may care to install them. Homeowners in the Southern part of the Western Cape will love the wood Venetian blinds at our Stellenbosch store.

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