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Trending Flooring Styles for Your Home

Trending Flooring Styles for Every Room in Your Home

We all want a stylish and memorable home, and Top Carpets and Floors offers trending flooring styles for your home to bring your dream to life. To allow your floors to be canvasses of personal expression, take advantage of the technological advancements that supply the market with several options acting as functional foundations for fresh styling this season. We strive to carefully curate a selection that reflects the latest global and local trends and harmonises seamlessly with your lifestyle and designated budget. With our finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving world of flooring, we bring you the finest designs that are ideal to effortlessly blend into any space throughout the home. Clients who step into a room adorned with a design from Top Carpets and Floors are greeted by an ambience that feels just like home. 2023 is an exciting year for trending flooring styles, and if you are looking for a little more guidance, we will help you narrow down the options below.

Living Rooms, Lounges, and Home Entertainment Areas

If there is one space in which you want to create a cosy, welcoming feeling, it’s a living room. Living rooms, lounges, and entertainment areas are all about unwinding and relaxing; your flooring should reflect that. Carpeting suits this perfectly, and the best part is that plush carpets are currently trending! Plus, if you’re worried about spilling drinks or dip while watching that all-important game with friends, we have many trending options that are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Trending Flooring Styles for Kitchens

Kitchens are where the magic happens – beautiful meals are crafted that bring families together, and it’s where many of us have our fondest memories. In terms of flooring, you will need something durable and easy to keep clean, but also stylish for this space. Thanks to the water-resistant properties of vinyl, styles like luxury vinyl tiles and SPC rigid vinyl flooring are ideal.

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Inviting Bedrooms that Welcome You Home

Your bedroom should be the epitome of tranquil luxury and should exude a sense of peace. For bedrooms, carpeting is popular and hailed for the warmth and opulence it adds to a room. If you have solid floors already but want to change the space’s feel, adding area rugs can do this too. When it comes to children’s rooms, laminates are a popular choice for their durability and ease of maintenance.

Luxurious Bathrooms that Can Change with Trends

Moisture resistance is key in a bathroom, which is why many people opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles. Even though tiles are waterproof and durable, a single crack can ruin your aesthetic and repairs and updates can be challenging. Some homeowners prefer an easier product to replace if damage occurs, and that takes less effort to swap out when trends change. Like kitchens, affordable vinyl flooring like SPC is ideal for bathrooms and easy to install.

Trending Floors for Hallways, Walkways, and Stairs

High-traffic areas are in constant use, and though they are beautiful, floor types like hardwood floors eventually suffer scratches and scuffs when overused in these areas. Protective area rugs are a good idea for these spaces, but wood laminates and luxury vinyl tiles are also spectacular options due to how well they emulate solid wood floors. The added benefit of wood laminates and luxury vinyl tiles is that they are more comfortable to walk on than wood and absorb sound better.

Tidying Up Those Laundry Rooms and Sculleries

Laundry rooms and sculleries often look cluttered and crowded due to the function of these spaces, but a seamless installation that prioritises sophisticated style is still possible – while resisting moisture damage. Vinyl is a great option, whether you choose luxury vinyl tiles, luxury SPC, or vinyl sheeting.

Functional Studies, Offices, and Home Studios

A balance of comfort and functionality is vital for home offices and spaces where focus is required. Carpet tiles offer versatility and acoustic benefits as they can be installed with creative patterns while reducing noise. Wood laminates and engineered wood add the beauty of hardwood floors, but they are highly durable and easy to clean. Considerations when choosing trending flooring styles for such spaces include the type of work that gets done and how quiet the room needs to be.

Other spaces in the home, like closets and storage rooms, garages, braai rooms, and play areas for kids, will also present their own needs, and our selection has superb options to accommodate them. If you want trending flooring styles that fit in with your lifestyle, be sure to contact us today.

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