Top Reasons to Install Carpets

July 28, 2016

Advice from Leading Carpet Installers

The flooring industry offers a lot of options for homeowners to choose from and it’s quite interesting to see that carpets are still a vastly popular choice for many – and for good reason of course. Leading carpet installers in your area will be able to provide you with a multitude of reasons why carpeting is a sound investment for your home. Below we have included our top reasons:

  • Aesthetics – carpets can spruce up the look and feel of any room. There are many different colours, textures and styles available, and you can choose those that best complement your home’s style, colour scheme and appeal.
  • Insulation – carpets are great, especially during the winter months. If you want to cut back on your indoor heating costs, carpeting is the solution, as it perfectly insulates the room’s floor.
  • Noise control – carpets and their padding ensure that noise is absorbed. This can include noise from talking, music, walking and so on.
  • Safety – where there are kids and the elderly, safety is always a concern. Carpeting creates a non-slip surface and also provides padding/cushioning in the event of a fall.
  • Comfort – nothing quite compares to the soft and comfortable underfoot feeling of a quality carpet.
  • Health benefits – airborne dust and allergens can wreak havoc in a home where those with asthma and allergies reside. Carpeting will trap dust particles until you have the time to vacuum them away. Carpets are definitely a solution for those looking to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Durability – modern carpets are manufactured to withstand high traffic and with the right treatments, can withstand spills and stains. You can quickly and easily clean your carpets with a light sweeping, vacuuming and shampooing when the need arises.

Why You Should Select Top Carpets & Floors as Your Carpet Installers of Choice

While we believe there’s every reason to choose us as your dedicated carpet installers, you might not have had the pleasure of dealing with us yet. The Top Carpets & Floors team is one that caters to the entire country. In fact, we have over 120 branches countrywide. We also believe that variety is the spice of life and that your home deserves to feature carpets that suit your specific needs, requirements and preferences. We only feature the best carpet brands, including the likes of Belgotex Floors, Constantia Flooring, Crossley, Nouwens and Van Dyck.

We will present you with a variety of carpet styles to choose from, including: loop pile, level loop, cut pile, velvet, Saxony, frieze twist, hard twist, shag and cup loop options. Our carpets are manufactured from a variety of top-quality fabrics, including nylon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, wool and various fibre blends. We are the carpet experts and as such, we don’t expect you to know the difference between carpet styles, types and brands. As a result, each of our staff members has a wealth of product related information and advice to share with you and we will advise you on just the right type, style and brand of carpet for your home or business. Simply let us know what effect you are looking for and what sort of traffic your carpet will be exposed to, and we will do the rest.

When buying carpets from Top Carpets & Floors, you can expect for our professional and experienced carpet installers to measure your floor space and handle the precise installation of your new carpet. We will also advise you on how to properly care for your new carpet, in order to keep it in the best possible condition. To chat directly to our expert carpet installers at Top Carpets & Floors, contact us today.

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