Need a Flooring Solution for the Commercial Environment?

July 28, 2016

Choose Laminate Flooring!

The commercial environment is one that is faced with high traffic and as such, the flooring that you choose for such an environment must be highly durable. The flooring industry now caters to the commercial market by supplying heavy-duty laminate flooring designed for commercial applications. If you own a business premises and are looking for a low-cost flooring solution that can handle moderate to high traffic without needing too much in terms of maintenance, commercial laminate flooring is the solution. Of course, just like any other flooring type, laminate flooring comes in various quality grades.

The structure of commercial laminate must of a good quality. Commercial laminate flooring typically has the following 4 layers:

High-density fibreboard filler

This actually makes up the bulk of the laminate flooring material and is usually made of recycled materials.

Backing layer

This is the layer that makes contact with the subfloor when the laminate flooring is installed. It is also often referred to as a “balancing layer” in the flooring industry.

Decorative print layer

This is actually the surface of the floor that you see and as such, it is located above the fibreboard filler. This is actually a high-resolution photograph that can perfectly mimic any type of wood or stone – sometimes the surface can even be customised patterns.

Protective laminate layer

This is the layer that actually protects the decorative printed layer and must therefore be clear. It is heat fused to ensure its durability and provides a highly impenetrable barrier to liquid, dirt, minor scratches, scuffs and similar. Because of this layer, commercial laminate flooring is able to withstand high levels of traffic without showing wear and tear prematurely.

Commercial laminate flooring is convenient in that it won’t yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. This makes it the ideal flooring in public areas that receive a lot of natural light. They can also quite easily be cleaned with vacuuming and sweeping, and if there are spills and stains to deal with, a gentle wipe with a damp mop is all that is required.

At Top Carpets & Floors, we stock and install a wide range of top-quality laminate flooring. We always recommend that our clients ensure that they order commercial grade laminate flooring for a public or business environment. If you aren’t sure which brand and grade of laminate flooring you need to use, simply chat to one of our consultants who will happily pay a visit to your premises to provide you with a quotation and, of course, some sound flooring advice. If you’re worried about finding a Top Carpets & Floors brand in your area – rest assured that we have over 120 branches nationwide. We are confident that we can put you in touch with the right branch, in your area.

If you’re shopping around to compare rates and quality of products, the following are great laminate flooring brands:

  • Constantia Flooring
  • FINfloor
  • Krono Original
  • Kronopol
  • Krono Swiss Wood Solutions
  • Traviata
  • Wanabi Wood

Our commercial laminate flooring is easy to install, simple to maintain and offers long-term sustainable aesthetic appeal and durability. If you are looking for a commercial flooring solution that won’t let your business down, our options at Top Carpets & Floors are just what you need.

Need more information and advice on commercial laminate flooring? Not sure if this type of flooring is ideal for your business?  Waste no more time – get in touch with us via email or telephone at Top Carpets & Floors today. We look forward to providing you with a long-term flooring solution.

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