The Supply and Installation of Commercial Carpets and Flooring

Supplying and installing commercial carpets and flooring poses a number of tough challenges and it is certainly a task that is well beyond the abilities of most retail stores. Fitting even a relatively large domestic living room with an Axminster or a wood-grained laminate, bears very little comparison, for instance, with the requirements for resurfacing an area the size of an international airport lounge or every corridor, stairway and room of an entire multi-storey hotel.

Among the more major constraints that are often faced by the fitters when required to perform installations on such a grand scale is that of time. In the case of a theatre, a department store, a hotel or most corporate establishments, time amounts to money. Consequently, the hours devoted to installing commercial carpets and flooring must be kept to a minimum, so as to limit any resulting loss of revenue. This invariably requires the supplier to provide larger than average installation teams and will often require working unusual hours.

Fitting a fabric floorcovering or even a solid surface will invariably result in a certain amount of leftover materials in the form of offcuts or spare boards. For an average room or even a typical home, wastage is normally quite minimal, especially where the initial measurements were performed accurately. The potential for wastage and resulting cost overruns when taking on a large-scale installation, however, is considerably greater and this alone makes it essential for the supplier to field a team with better than average skills and experience.

Commercial carpets and flooring will invariably be exposed to exceptionally high volumes of pedestrian traffic and thus the materials supplied for this purpose must also be exceptionally durable. It is neither convenient nor cost-effective to employ cheaper materials which, because of their greater susceptibility to wear and tear, will inevitably require more frequent replacement. The so-called heavy-duty products that are intended for use in the home, however, do not really meet the requirements of these large public premises.

Since 1990, Top Carpets and Floors has grown to become South Africa’s largest national flooring retail group and now operates from more than 120 outlets across the country. While it serves consumers in need of both domestic and commercial carpets and flooring, the latter service is confined to the larger outlets that have the appropriately skilled and experienced personnel. Where this is not the case, support can be provided by one of these more specialised branches or by head office, thus ensuring that all clients enjoy a totally professional service.

Because of our size and bulk purchasing requirements, Top Carpets and Floors, is exceptionally well-positioned to negotiate the most competitive prices from leading local and overseas manufacturers. In turn, our policy is to pass on the full benefits of these discounted wholesale prices to our customers. In the case of commercial carpets and flooring, the savings can be even more substantial than those of our domestic clients and in both cases, we offer far greater value for money than competing outlets.

Our range of top quality carpeting and laminates is extensive and we also offer the benefits of the HealthGuard Installation System to provide protection from rising damp and spills, and ensure users of our commercial carpets and flooring freedom from allergens.

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