Nouwens Carpets Supplies South Africa with Flooring Products of Distinction

Nouwens carpets are the product of a South African company with a long and proud history that began in Harrismith, in the year 1962. Its founder, Cornelis Nouwens first started producing fabric floor coverings on a converted loom that had originally been designed for weaving blankets. It was not too long before he replaced this somewhat primitive equipment with the more advanced machinery that would give him the ability to handle a wider selection of fibres and to produce a more diverse selection of designs.

Introducing first, a selection of the popular woven woollen Wiltons and later, a variety of tufted products both blended and fully synthetic, the company has since grown to be recognised for its distinctive style and high quality. The fact that the manufacturers of Nouwens carpets celebrated their 50th birthday just 2 years ago is proof enough of the company’s well-deserved success and it is certainly not too hard to see why the brand has gained the status of a household name in South Africa.

There have been a number of significant milestones in the evolution of the company, such as its first venture into the manufacture of carpet tiles. This was a product that gained popularity both for its ease of installation and the fact that an individual tile could be readily removed and replaced in the event that it should become irreparably damaged or too badly stained. Later, the introduction of an innovative facility added durable velour to the growing range of Nouwens carpets.

The company’s golden anniversary year was also marked by the launch of its new independent commercial brand. The new and expanded brand is known as the Nouwens Commercial Collection and currently consists of the Pinto nylon and Modweave EASIFIBRE ranges, in addition to the Commercial Tiles and Contracta Spec products.

Like many South African companies today, the manufacturer is concerned over the environmental impact of modern consumerism and so the 50 year celebration was also the occasion for the release of its eco-friendly Ecotwist range. The new product represents a first for the nation and is also the first of the Nouwens carpets in which the BCF polyester fibres are manufactured to ensure that at least 20% of the polymer used is sourced from recycles plastic drink bottles – a significant step forward in the continuing quest for more sustainable flooring solutions, as well as a contribution to the goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

Despite its totally artificial origins, Ecotwist displays most of the qualities that one might expect from a natural woollen fibre. Its cut pile has the same luxurious appearance and desirable soft feel underfoot, while the polyester fibres offer the consumer both greater durability and a lower price tag.

Nouwens carpets are among the many top quality products supplied in South Africa through the country’s largest national flooring retail group. Along with other prestigious local and international brands, they are available from the more than 120 stores that now display the Top Carpets and Floors logo. Serving the needs of the country’s cities and towns for over 25 years, we are a central buying, distribution and support company whose role is to deliver top quality products at competitive prices to the independent retailers that together make up our nationwide network.

In addition to the superior Nouwens carpets and tiles, and our other top quality branded fibre products, we also carry a selection of alternative flooring solutions, including laminated flooring from some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, both at home and overseas.

We are as serious about providing value for money, as we are only about handling products of established quality and our exceptional bulk buying capacity means that we are well-positioned to negotiate the most favourable wholesale prices. Shopping at a Top Carpets and Floors store will guarantee affordable prices for your Nouwens carpets.

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