The Best Carpet Choices for Restaurants

Restaurants, whether high-end or not, have lately begun to move away from tiled flooring. While carpets placed inside restaurant kitchens would be entirely impractical, there are many areas of a dining establishment where carpeting is preferred. Waiting areas, for example, are a customer’s first stop while awaiting someone to show them to their seat, and the right carpet can create a warm and inviting first impression. Separate dining rooms for a large party of guests (usually pre-booked in advance) also feel cosier and more intimate with carpeting installed.26

At Top Carpets and Floors, we have enough experience in the flooring industry to understand when we find an exceptional manufacturer of superior standard, which is why we are a proud supplier of Belgotex. Belgotex Floors (a member of the Belgotex International Group) is one of Africa’s leading carpet manufacturers who strive to provide green alternatives to current flooring solutions. Their impeccable designs are suitable for residential living but work just as well for commercial settings such as the hospitality sector. If class, style and practicality are what you are after for your restaurant’s carpets, then have a look at some of our favourite Belgotex products:

The Avant Garde

This design is a Level Cut Loop (LCL) which allows for the carpet’s design to be geometric or abstract. The Avant Garde was created with a striking checkerboard pattern to minimise the appearance of wear and tear while creating the impression of depth and dimension on your restaurant’s floors.

The Essex

This product is manufactured from tightly tufted Stainproof Miracle Fibre (also known as polypropylene) which means it is easy to clean – ideal for any restaurant. The advanced MiracleBac used to back this design makes the carpet non-allergenic and resistant to moisture. If you are looking for a durable commercial carpet in a variety of rich, coordinating colours, then the Essex is a great option for you.

The Serengeti

For restaurants who want to incorporate carpeting with a little more panache, the Serengeti is a bold design made with a distinctive paw-print that reflects Africa’s raw beauty. The plush, cut-pile carpet is ideal for heavy-duty commercial use with its resistance to stains and soiling. With colour names such as Wild Cheetah and Mamba, you will be able to find a shade to match your eclectic or African-themed restaurant.

The Weavers Choice

For a more traditional carpeting style, the Weavers Choice adds rustic simplicity to any room. This heavy commercial, peppercorn-textured product is available in a range of beautifully blended colours to add charm to a more casual dining premises.

The Westminster

This cut-pile carpet is 100% Stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) which is well-suited to commercial settings without losing its luxurious softness. Ideal for high-end establishments, this lush carpeting comes in a range of arresting colours such as Wild Currant, Sunset, and Blue Shadow.

Finding the right carpet for your dining business doesn’t need to be a painstakingly frustrating task. At Top Carpets and Floors, we do all the hard work for you – all you need to do is call us today for a quote or more information on suitable flooring solutions for you.

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