7 Expert Carpet Tips

September 21, 2017

Doing home improvements is a great way to welcome in the change of season. Gauteng is gearing up for a glorious summer, so why not consider giving your floors a makeover before you start entertaining this season?

Find the right supplier with our 7 expert tips on carpet buying and installation:

  1. Budget: You should not have to blow your budget to get good-quality carpeting installed throughout your house – if you choose wisely. You can stretch your budget by choosing the best carpet for each room. Stain-resistant options may be a bit pricier, but are worth the splurge for busy areas.  Then, for example, you can look at more affordable and durable carpeting for high traffic entrance halls and passages.
  2. Maintenance: Do not get a carpet that you love but needs cleaning constantly if you have a busy schedule. Be realistic if you have pets and children and buy with your head and not your heart. To keep a carpet looking fresh and new, you need to be able to keep up with the maintenance it requires without resenting the day you bought it.
  3. Colour: There is plenty to choose from and this could be the trickiest part of the whole buying exercise. Narrow your search by choosing shades that match your lifestyle. Bear in mind that light colours make a room appear bigger and spacious. Decide whether your carpet will be a focal point in the room or should fade into the background. You should only go neutral if your walls, furniture and décor serve as the focal points.
  4. Materials: Wool is the ultimate in luxury carpeting, as any carpet installer in Gauteng will tell you. Nylon and other synthetic carpets feel a lot like wool, but are more affordable. Allergies are a seasonal problem in Gauteng, so if you are prone to these, be sure of the type of carpeting material you select.
  5. Go to the right people: Gauteng is full of showrooms, flooring companies and furniture stores that sell carpets. Of course, you also have the online option. Your best bet is to choose a reputable installer, like Top Carpets & Floors, that specialises in carpeting. A quality carpet installer will be able to offer you a large variety of carpets and their staff should be able to satisfactorily answer all your questions.
  6. Installation: This is as important as the quality of the carpet. A bad installation can leave you in a world of regret, so make sure any carpet installers you speak to are experienced and skilled – ask for customer testimonials and check out the history of the company.
  7. Go green: Protect your family from harmful compounds by choosing carpeting made from natural products, including wool, jute, and other organic materials. Also, look at carpeting that is made with organic and chemical-free dyes. Apart from affecting your health, carpets can also affect the environment. Use installers and suppliers of eco-friendly brands that promote renewable and recycled products for maximum sustainability.

We have been around the block when it comes to carpets. Make the right choice and call Top Carpets & Floors in Gauteng for expert advice.

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