Laminate Flooring is an Affordable Luxury

November 2, 2017

Top Carpets & Floors is a proud supplier of Luxury Swiss laminate flooring in Gauteng, and we know a thing or two about laminate flooring – and especially what sets the luxury Swiss brand apart from its competitors. Laminate flooring has evolved in leaps and bounds, and offers affordable luxury for anyone wanting to breathe new life into their home or office.

Here are 7 questions these experts are often asked about laminate flooring.

I can install laminate myself, right?

We strongly advise you not to install it yourself, but to rather seek the advice of a professional supplier and installer who has the necessary understanding of flooring projects.

How will I know which laminate floor to choose?

A professional can help you to assess the area you want to floor. There are quite a few things to consider in the existing space and with regards to furniture and décor before settling on the floor that is going to give you the result you are looking for.

It looks great, but seems expensive. Is it?

Laminate offers great value for money. They are a master at mimicking real hardwood floors, at a fraction of the cost. Take this as an example – all five luxury Swiss laminate flooring products supplied by Top Carpets & Floors are classified as affordable and two of the range as the best buys based on their price per square metre. This is incredible, given the superior attributes of this luxury Swiss flooring. Regardless of whether it is one room or the entire house, you will be surprised at how cost-effective laminate flooring is. Also consider the long-term value, as laminate is easy to clean and maintain, and it is extremely durable. Thanks to technological advancements, laminate per square metre could even become cheaper – without quality taking a knock.

Can I install laminate in any room?

Yes, in any room that has a structurally sound, dry, clean and flat subfloor.

I’m nervous about water and laminate. Won’t it get damaged?

A lot has changed in the manufacturing process of laminate since the ‘80s, which has ironed out problems like delamination or curling from water spills. Laminate flooring is made to withstand spills and splashes, but should not be installed in areas subject to possible moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. There are, however, water resistant laminates available for such installations. With the right care, your laminate flooring will be beautiful for decades to come.

So, I can mop a laminate floor like I would any other?

We recommend a quick sweep and a microfiber mop. To keep grit and other particles getting onto the flooring, place mats at the entrances to the home so feet can be wiped clean first.

How long will my laminate flooring last?

Laminate floors can look as good as new for years and years to come, with the proper maintenance and care. When it comes to increasing your home’s value, laminate flooring is definitely in the top five. Be prepared to love your floors for life!

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