Reasons Why LVT Flooring Ticks All the Right Boxes

As homeowners strive for more environmentally conscious abodes, modern flooring solutions continue to add value to this trend. Savvy homeowners, designers and developers also recognises the advancements made by manufacturers which open up a whole new world of possibilities to suit every pocket, and are exploring these trends with vigour.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring is a classic, timeless choice for any home or office. It has that wonderful quality of allowing us to easily invite nature into our living spaces in a modern or rustic way which only adds to the appeal of a beautifully decorated room.

While many people would like a real hardwood floor, not everyone can afford it. As most people know, real hardwood is expensive, which often puts it out of the picture no matter how desirable it is. Moreover, real hardwood floors come with challenges and are not suitable for all areas of the home.

The types of mock wooden floors available today are exquisite and what we love most is their ability to totally transform a room, from bland to grand! You will be impressed at the choice of styles and designs manufacturers have come up with which emulate real hardwood to perfection.

Top Carpets and Floors is a leading supplier of LVT and other flooring solutions, which can give your home that enviable real hardwood look at a fraction of the cost. This impressive flooring solution is a popular alternative to solid wooden flooring because it looks and feels the same, but with a lower level of contraction and expansion. These floors are also easy to install and low on maintenance. Plus, as mentioned, they offer great value for money as an alternative to the real thing.

Whether your style is classic, rustic, modern or urban, here is why LVT flooring will make just the right statement if it is the wooden look you are after:

  • Some customers have been hesitant when we recommend LVT as alternative to real hardwood, but once they actually come into one of our branches and had a look at some samples, they soon realised it is a superb option.
  • Not only are LVT floors quick to install, if using a professional, and easy on the budget, they are very durable. When you have a busy household, with kids and pets, you need to have floors that can take the knocks.
  • You get various finishes on these floors, which all mimic real hardwood floors beautifully. Choose from smooth, textured or distressed finishes, for example, to match the aesthetics of your home and dĂ©cor.
  • Why limit your desire for new floors to just one or two rooms? You can install LVT floors throughout the house as they offer great water-resistant qualities and are low maintenance.
  • Our commercial customers love LVT flooring because it offers eco-friendly benefits and, importantly, safety benefits, like being slip- and fire-resistant.

Give your home a luxury makeover with superb floors from Top Carpets and Floors. Let your journey to quality flooring solutions start with us.

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