4 Reasons Why LVT is Stealing the Limelight

June 25, 2018

If you live in the Eastern Cape and are looking to install new flooring in your home, think about what you expect from your new floor. Buying new flooring for your Eastern Cape home or office should be a really pleasurable experience, so a little bit of homework will go a long way.

To avoid disappointment, consider these factors before you start looking at floors:

  • You want a floor that matches your style and the décor you already have in your home.
  • The floor should be durable (flooring projects should not come along more than once every two decades or so if you invest in the right product from the start).
  • You have a busy household, so installation time is a key factor. The installation should not disrupt your family’s routine for weeks on end. The same is applicable when installing new floors at the office. Downtime can affect your bottom line.
  • Who has time for cleaning? Just about no busy family does today, so you also want a floor that is low maintenance and a delight to keep clean.
  • You have set a budget for your new floors, and you want to stick to it. To avoid buyer’s regret, you want flooring that fits neatly into your budget, with no unexpected surprises from the supplier, the installer or the product.

Top Carpets and Floors, which has a branch in the Eastern Cape, has a product that ticks all these boxes – and then some!

Meet Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). This marvel of the flooring world is steadily growing in popularity in homes and businesses across the country – and for good reasons too.

Here are just 4 reasons why LVT is stealing the limelight (even in the Eastern Cape):

  • Everyone wants “the real deal” when it comes to floors, but few can afford it, especially real hardwood. LVT is a great mimicker of high-end looks, like hardwoods, marble and even slate. These are floors so convincing, even you are likely to be down on all fours taking a really close look at the craftsmanship of disguise which LVT is famous for.
  • The matter of durability. Flooring is an investment, so you expect the floors you choose to serve you well for years to come. LVT is made up of several layers, including a protective layer, and is often topped with urethane for increased protection. This gives the flooring real grit when it comes to resisting scuffs, stains, scratches, indentations and the likes. Many of our Eastern Cape customers who have busy homes with children and pets running around have been very impressed with how well the flooring holds up to everyday bumps and spills.
  • Floors made from natural materials have their challenges, as beautiful as they are. Real hardwood, for example, can be prone to chipping or warping and certainly does not like water, whereas LVT is naturally water-resistant.
  • Apart from being an obvious choice then for kitchens and bathrooms, where there is moisture, LVT is actually suitable for any room in the home. It is so wonderfully soft and warm underfoot, why would you not want that comfort and luxury throughout your home?

The many more benefits of LVT should be experienced first-hand. Come along to our Top Carpets and Floors branches in the Eastern Cape or any of our others across the country and see for yourself.

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