Panel Blinds are a Very Practical Option for Larger Windows

Panel blinds are not unlike an earlier product with narrower slats. Their designs are similar in that both are composed of slats arranged vertically rather than horizontally, as is the case with their common precursor, the centuries-old Venetian blind. The need for such a product was the direct result of the changes that now tend to characterise the modern South African home with its typically much larger windows and sliding patio doors.

While providing the homeowner with an excellent view of the garden and entertainment area, these large expanses of glass also represent a surface at which the scope for heat exchange is now greatly increased. Panel blinds, in either fabric or bamboo are able to provide an effective means with which to combat this tendency and, in the process, help to make your home more energy efficient.

When made from one of the many available fabrics, they bear a certain resemblance to curtains in that the individual slats overlap to create the appearance of folds. Like curtains, they too run on tracks and are opened and closed in much the same fashion while, if desired, they may also be motorised for wholly automatic operation by means of a remote control.

Plain colours in a heavier fabric or bamboo will be the best choice for panel blinds where total shade or privacy may be the prime requirement. However, less opaque fabrics with a choice of decorative patterns are also available. These should serve to subdue the ambient light sufficiently, without the need to provide artificial lighting during the day, while also adding a distinct touch of elegance.

For the residents of Gauteng suburbs who may have concerns about leaving their homes exposed to the prying eyes of inquisitive, potential intruders, these smart looking panel blinds can also provide a degree of security, in addition to that of expanding trellis doors or burglar bars.

The range of colours and patterns is extensive and should ensure that there is a product to suit any room and to match or complement the existing décor. For those who may have a creative streak, combining panels of differing shades to produce a colour gradient effect is just one of the many possibilities when aiming for a uniquely personal look.

As a discerning homeowner, you will demand quality panel blinds while also expecting the best value for your hard-earned cash. A visit to a Top Carpets and Floors outlet guarantees both, so residents of the Gauteng city of Randburg can look forward to expert advice, quality products and impeccable service when visiting our Fleet Street branch for home décor requirements, including these highly practical panel blinds.

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