Bring Your Lifestyle to Life with Custom Blinds

For those who have never incorporated custom blinds in their homes or offices before, it might be tricky trying to decide whether letting go of those large, bulky curtains is worth it. For those who don’t know what they are, blinds are a slatted window covering made from a variety of materials – and those who have them in their home just cannot get enough.

For some, blinds might seem as though they are only suitable for use in institutions such as hospitals, businesses or schools, but the truth is that blinds are currently on trend worldwide. Blinds have long moved past the point of mere practicality, as we are now seeing some of the world’s top interior decorators utilising some truly versatile designs. There are plenty of reasons why switching to blinds will inject a splash of life into your personal space – and prove far more sensible than other types of window coverings.

They Suit Any Home or Work Space

Custom blinds come in an array of styles and colours – a feature that is one of the defining factors for people who wish to switch to blinds. Aluminium, bamboo, wooden, vertical and roller blinds are just some of the many types of blinds to choose from – all with their own perks. Due to how many styles are available, custom blinds can form part of the décor within the living area, kitchen, bathroom and even bedrooms.

They Offer Complete Privacy

Blinds are exceptional at blocking out the rest of the world, which is what makes them so popular. Curtains and other forms of window coverings may sometimes be transparent, making those outside privy to your personal space. The slats of the blinds slightly overlap when closed, which means no number of prying eyes will be able to see into your home or office.

They are Superb at Blocking Out Light

Those of us who work during regular daytime hours seldom think about the need to keep a room dark, but there are a few circumstances in which this aspect of blinds is useful. Firstly, people who work or study during the nocturnal hours often need sleep during the day – a task that proves difficult when too much natural light is pouring into the room. Secondly, some places within the home might face the afternoon sun as it blazes down upon upholstered chairs, carpets or other surfaces sensitive to sun damage. Closing the blinds eliminates the need to cover such surfaces with material to keep those UV rays at bay.

They are Easily Maintained

People with a busy lifestyle don’t have the time to drag their heavy curtains to the dry cleaner’s every few months. Depending on the type of blind you have, cleaning is as easy as a damp cloth, feather duster or vacuum cleaner. Maintaining your custom blinds not only saves you time but money too.

At Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors, our speciality is custom blinds, shutters, and awnings of superior quality. We have a highly trained team available to help you with all your queries and installation needs so that you can expect excellent service and quality products from start to finish. Request a quote online or visit us at a store near you today.

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