New Floors Are the Best Way to a Flawless Home

February 20, 2018

Flooring is what invites your guests into your home. Flooring is your welcome mat, so to speak. What we love about our loyal customers, in areas like Cape Town for example, is that they always turn to us for advice when they undertake a renovation of their commercial space, home, or holiday home. New flooring is an especially big consideration and it needs expert guidance.

Here are 6 top reasons why your next renovation should include new flooring:

  1. Renovating is a feel-good exercise. So, if you cannot afford a luxury trip to Cape Town for a week to reboot your body and soul, consider some new flooring. There are so many colours and styles to choose from; your mood will instantly be lifted once you start exploring. Use colour to speak to your personality and buy the new flooring, instead of the luxury Cape Town trip. You won’t regret it, as unlike the Cape Town trip, the flooring will last a long, long time!
  2. If you love a beautiful house and dislike cleaning, there are great varieties of flooring that are so low maintenance that you will hardly know they are there. Take laminate flooring, for example. The cleaning process is a simple light sweep and occasional wiping with a damp cloth.
  3. Certain types of flooring have proven excellent in reducing allergens. So, if your family is sensitive to dust and pet hair, choose flooring that will not collect allergens.
  4. You will have your home/business sold a lot faster with quality flooring installed. Serious buyers will look at the flooring, from the minute they walk in – whether it is into a home in Sandton or a hotel in Cape Town. The type of flooring you have at the time of viewing could be a deal maker or a deal breaker!
  5. Carpeting has the benefit of safety, which is great for kids and the elderly (no slips and trips). Carpets area popular flooring choice for living areas and high-traffic areas like entrance halls. Considering which are probably the two most used areas of the house when you have guests arriving and visiting if you want to impress your guests, carpeting is the perfect way to cosy up your Cape Town casa!
  6. Who said you cannot fake it until you make it with flooring? Our customers are enamoured with our range of luxury vinyl tiles and laminate flooring. These products are masters of disguise. Your guests will, literally, be putting their noses to the floor to tell whether it is a real hardwood floor or not. The best part about vinyl is that it costs a fraction of what real hardwood flooring costs, so you do not have to exceed your renovation budget to have flooring that looks like a million dollars.

Contact your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch today and let us help you make your renovation a reality that will “floor” your guests.

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