Office Flooring: 6 Trends to Pin to Your Task Bar

June 29, 2018

Office environments are no longer just spaces people go to for eight hours a day. Savvy employers know the benefit of investing in aesthetics as a means to increase productivity. A happy workforce is a productive workforce, and this is where your office flooring can make the world of difference.

As a leading supplier of office flooring solutions in South Africa, we at Top Carpets and Floors have our finger on the pulse of new advancements.

So, what is trending in the world of office flooring?

Trend #1: Open-plan Layouts

Offices around the globe have moved to more open-plan layouts. With cubicles and partitioning out of the way, you have more freedom to explore when planning a flooring project. Imagine large areas of floors with striking colours and designs flowing beautifully through your building. Not only does this give the workspace a more modern feel, but employers are discovering the right fit of flooring is putting a spring in their employees’ step!

Trend #2: Eco-Friendly

The move to greener workspaces has grown tremendously and manufacturers have answered the call with an impressive range of eco-friendly floors which are also beautiful, functional and resilient.

Trend #3: Focussing on Health and Safety

Safety, health, the environment and quality are topping agendas all over the world. In a commercial setting, flooring continues to play an enormous role in helping businesses to meet their objectives and operate within the law. The trend currently increasingly indicates a drive towards eco-friendly floors which offer solid safety benefits. You will find all these benefits in floors like laminate and LVT, among others.

Trend #4: Be Bold

Brands are using modern flooring to make a bold statement. With the right choice of floors, companies are turning their images around, attracting more foot traffic, meeting their objectives and creating a happier workforce. The choices in modern office flooring continue to impress as employers explore better, more effective ways to boost their brand and bottom line. With the right professional on your side, your office can undergo a stunning transformation with the right choice of floors.

Trend #5: LVT and Laminate Flooring

Flooring like Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and laminates continue to dominate the commercial space. Both these options rank high in terms of value for money, aesthetic appeal and durability. What customers love most about this type of office flooring is its ability to emulate just about any natural surface, like hardwood and stone. The high-end finishes add instant flair to a workplace, from reception to top-floor management suites.

Trend #6: Carpet is Still a Favourite

Carpet remains popular and is a great choice for a chic, stylish look in the office. It also comes with health benefits as allergens and dust are trapped in the fibres and not released into the air. The right carpet in the right setting and with the right maintenance will serve you well for years to come. Carpet is also available in a massive range of trendy, functional and fun designs and styles which you can use to put a brand-new stamp on things in the workplace.

There is no need for a dull office. Partner with Top Carpets and Floors to find the right office flooring for your company.

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