Pricing, durability and availability are all important factors for consumers when purchasing floor coverings. But design is still where the whole process starts and we survey the world for ideas while keeping our ear to customer feedback for both carpet and hard flooring. The search for new products is a continual process. We study emerging trends via travel, customer interaction, magazines and experiences that help us identify what is happening in the world in terms of colour and design.

We also look at the success of past products as a reference point. We are interested in trends that have longevity and, we adjust rapidly to shifting trends and consumer preferences such as the growing strength of hard flooring products.

The innovation and growth of laminates and LVT’s offer our customers a variety of looks and feels to fit any room. We think carpet plays an important role in all interiors, commercial or residential and we continue to offer the best colour and design options for our customers.

As the RSA industry heads into high season and looks to put its best foot forward, TCF once again looks to the customer for direction. We strive to understand their needs and at the same time educate them on colour and design trends for the future. Some trends that influence our design choices are the importance of bringing nature into the office and home; the appeal of hand craft; and, the desire to find quiet in an over connected world.

Another macro trend the company looks at is how space is being used differently today and into the future  –  both residential and commercial spaces and where the two intersect such as retirement properties and home offices.

In order to age safely, we need flooring options that allow for safe mobility.  This means lower pile carpet that is dense so that walkers, wheelchairs and a shuffled gait can move easily across the surface. Carpet also provides a softer surface when falls do occur. Because many elderly people also have hearing and visual impairments, carpet is the preferred choice for flooring because it absorbs more sound than hard surfaces.

There is also a growing population of pet owners in RSA. Pet ownership is growing and as many as 4 out of 5 households own a pet  –  many of them indoor pets. What does that mean for our flooring and the inevitable spills and accidents from pets and children? Pet X treatment was developed as a result of that sort of thinking and we never stop looking for inventive ways to provide customers with a range of beautiful, high performing floors to meet their varied needs.

Balancing Creativity with Good Business

TCF is strong when it comes to execution. And even in the design process, the creative side is married to sharp business skills. We have adapted to a fast-paced development cycle, and are on top of colour and design trends by studying sales of existing products. It’s a careful balance between what is needed now and what is important in the future. We also navigate the challenge of a rapid pace of product innovation and shifts in customer preference, not just in look and feel but between hard and soft surfaces and the variety of options now available. While we consider ourselves experts in tracking colour and design trends, and we share that knowledge with our customers, we use their opinions as reality checks as it relates to what we offer.

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