wood laminate flooring

The Wood Laminate Flooring You Absolutely Need to Know About

Wood laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring solutions in South Africa, and for excellent reason. Wood laminate flooring continues to gain favour thanks to its affordability and user ease.

These flooring solutions allow clients to access the look and feel of classic hardwood floors without the hefty price tag that comes with solid wood floors. Since wood laminates are so hardy, they are also a brilliant choice for those living in busy homes with kids and animals.

Unfortunately, solid wooden floors are not suited to all environments, which is why wood laminates have become so popular. Rather than installing solid wood floors and experiencing warping and other detrimental side effects, choose a versatile and innovative solution like wood laminate flooring and enjoy all it has to offer for years to come.

wood laminate flooring

What Wood Laminate Flooring Can Offer You

This flooring solution is ideal when you are looking for a strikingly beautiful, low-maintenance, and durable product for your unique space.

1. Budget-friendly:

One of the top reasons why so many homeowners choose wood laminate floors is the financial factor. These floors give you the same look and feel of wood without the hefty costs associated. Since they’re a more affordable solution, clients get more so-called bang for their buck. This ensures that you can extend your budget to install new wood-look floors in more areas of your home elevating your entire space for less.

2. Hugely variable:

With a range of stunning colours and styles on offer, you are guaranteed to find the perfect look for your chosen aesthetic. Moreover, when utilising our visualisation tool, you can upload a picture of the room you’re looking to revamp and see how the product would appear in your specific space.

3. Perfect for those with pets and little ones:

Since wood laminates are so durable, they make good sense if you have little ones or pets. Rather than having to scrub stains off carpets or worry about spills and liquid damage on wooden floors, you can install a longer-lasting solution. When you enlist the Top Carpets and Floors professionals to install your wood laminate flooring, then you can rest assured that your floor will stand the test of time.

4. Environmentally friendly:

It is also worth knowing that wood laminate flooring is environmentally friendly. Thanks to specialised patented technology, our Legacy range is a stunning wide-plank option that is made with non-solvent, water-based ink. This means that it contains no heavy metals. Moreover, it also has an impressive E1 formaldehyde rating and thus does not emit toxic fumes upon combustion. Since it is biodegradable, it also won’t end up in landfills. This luxury product boosts your green footprint and does that little bit for the planet.

5. Easy to care for:

Like all flooring solutions, great care is the ticket to longevity. The better you maintain your wood laminate flooring from the get-go, the longer it is going to last. Happily, our care sheet shares tips on how to ensure that your wood laminate flooring stays put for many years.

wood laminate flooring

Explore Our Range

When you purchase and install wood laminate flooring with the floor experts at Top Carpets and Floors, you can enjoy a myriad of choices. Wood laminate flooring is truly a diverse material, ensuring that all clients can find the perfect fit for their homes.

  • Solido Elite Extra – This affordable and robust wood laminate floor is a great addition to any home. Available from R 235 per m2, it comes in the following colour options, among others: Auburn, Fairfield, Canton, Middletown and Danville.
  • Legacy – Legacy offers customers durable and attractive wide planks. It’s anti-abrasive and well-suited to living areas, offices, kitchens, and dining rooms. It’s available from R 265 per m2 and comes in a range of rich and contemporary hues.
  • Noble Traditions – This product is competitively priced at R 305 per m2 and creates a sleek and luxurious appearance with its seamless wood design.
  • Galaxies – As another affordable laminate option is our Galaxies range priced at R 285 per m2, it also comes in a range of colours.

Customers can explore each option in greater detail in the wood laminate flooring section and view the various warranties and guarantees associated with each. If you find a style of wood laminate flooring that you love, make use of our cost calculator to get an estimate of what it would cost to install this flooring in your chosen room.

You will also find our impressive range of rugs, blinds, artificial grass, and our prized Designer Collection to spruce up your home. Browse the world of Top Carpets and Floors, and kit out your dream space with us.


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