Which Product Suits You Best?


Even with the current trend to replace carpets with wood-look synthetic flooring, carpets still have a place in homes and offices. Understanding the benefits of carpets and maintenance of it may be useful when making your final decision as carpets work better in certain spaces than others and may be more suitable for certain lifestyles and stages. The table below is a basic comparison between carpets and wood-look synthetic flooring.

While there’s no denying that options such as hardwood, polished concrete or tiles are ideal for some projects, hard flooring options in general lack the variety of styles, designs, textures and construction types available with carpets. Correctly specified, installed and maintained, a good quality carpet will keep its appearance for many years to come.

What’s less well known, however, is that carpet also adds several significant benefits to the indoor climate, plus important safety aspects, acoustic benefits and increased energy efficiency.

Please be aware that carpets are manufactured from different dye lots. They are measured on what’s called the Grey Scale and can differ by 5% on either side allowing for a maximum difference of 10% from sample to sample.  Also remember that all carpets have a pile direction so can look lighter/darker from one side to the other.

Carpet Styles
Loop Pile Carpet
Cut Pile Carpet
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