10 Things You Need to Know About Installing Carpet on Your Stairs

January 11, 2022

A staircase can be a tricky area with which to deal when it comes to decor and furnishings. If you have one or more staircases within your home, then you may be seeking something to liven up those steps or add some features to the area. Installing carpet on stairs is one way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home while enjoying some of the benefits that a carpeted staircase offers too. This is still a trending feature within countless homes today because many homeowners find that it adds to the comfort and cosy feel of their homes. Before installing carpet on stairs, there are a few aspects to consider that may inform your decision.

1. It Makes Your Stairs Safer

When it comes to the safety of your stairs, carpeting is usually considered the safer option. Hard, smooth surfaces are much more slippery than a surface area with grip. People are therefore more likely to slip on hardwood or tile staircases. Installing carpet on your staircase will provide better footing on your way up and down the steps. Even if one were to fall on the steps, it is still a much plusher landing, which softens the impact and prevents serious injuries.

2. It’s a Luxurious Addition to Your Home

Long regarded as a luxurious feature in a residence, a carpet can create any atmosphere you are seeking to introduce to your home. Cosy and snug, warm and inviting or even sleek and streamlined – there are plenty of options available. You are free to choose the colour and style that best reflects your personal preferences.

3. It Helps to Reduce Noise in Your Home

Staircases, especially when made from hardwood, are known to creak and squeak underfoot. In older homes, this sound can travel throughout the house and becomes quite disruptive when you have children and pets running up and down between floors. Installing carpet will aid in noise reduction, as the installation contains both the carpeting and the padding beneath it. This will absorb impacts and pressure and make for much quieter walking.

4. There are Two Methods of Installation

There are typically two techniques used when installing carpet on stairs, namely the Waterfall technique and the Cap-and-Band method. The Waterfall technique is faster because it uses one carpeting strip installed from the bottom, upwards. It can only be employed on steps without protruding nosing. The Cap-and-Band (also called “wrapped nose”) method is where every stair receives two pieces of carpeting. The pieces are cut to size to fit separately over the tread and the riser of each step. This gives an overall cleaner, more well-fitted look, but it is labour-heavy.

5. Cleaning Might Be a Little Different

Carpets trap dust and debris – and this is sometimes seen as an annoyance, but it is actually a great feature. In this way, dust and pet dander are kept out of the air, and daily vacuuming in allergen-heavy homes ensures these particles are removed before they cause issues. Vacuuming this space will include using a handheld vacuum and travelling up or down the stairs while cleaning, as well as a smaller nozzle for getting into corners. This is not much different from cleaning the carpets in any other area of your home, however.

Installing Carpet on Your Stairs

6. Durability is Key

Staircases experience some of the heaviest foot traffic in the home. They are used often and the impact on them while stepping is greater due to the force of footsteps while ascending or descending. Finding a durable product for this area of the home is essential, and keep in mind that padding is important too. Not only will a durable product last much longer, but it will protect those hardwood stairs from scuffs and scratches from the feet and paws that climb them daily.

7. Think About Thickness

People wrongly assume that thicker carpets are more durable, but those with thinner profiles can be just as long-wearing. Options that are too thick are never a good idea for stairs, as they create the illusion of a larger stepping surface for your foot around the nosing. This is a safety hazard and can lead to falling. Installing a very thick carpet on stairs is also a much more difficult feat.

8. Don’t Skimp on Quality

No home will get away with a low-quality installation on stairs for long – it will soon begin to show signs of wear. Installing the best possible quality product you can afford on your stairs is a good rule of thumb. You need something resistant to stains, soiling and wear from heavy foot traffic.

9. Professional Installers Are Recommended

Staircases are tricky places when it comes to installation. Your measurements and method must be precise, and you will need to ensure nothing is too loosely installed as it can become a safety issue. Professional installers are therefore always recommended.

10. Trust Us to Provide You with Great Solutions

We at Top Carpets and Floors can assist you with finding and installing a carpeting solution for your stairs. Our range is vast and we supply industry-leading products known for quality, affordability and style.

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