Why You Should Consider Carpets for Your Home

The last couple of years have seen a significant shift towards hard surface flooring in homes across the country due to the practical benefits these often offer. However, none of these options quite manage to provide the lush comfort of carpets. It is thus no wonder that carpeting is making a huge comeback for home use. In fact, it is considered to be one of the hottest décor trends for 2020.

With improved manufacturing techniques and a vast expansion of available styles and textures, carpeting now offers more choice and luxury than ever before. What’s more, carpets offer many more benefits for your home and lifestyle than you may have realised.

6 amazing benefits of carpets for your home

Here are the six top benefits to be enjoyed when you choose carpets:

1. Unparalleled comfort and luxury

No other flooring options offer the same level of comfort and indulgence afforded by carpets. It adds a sense of warmth and class to any home, as well as providing a comfortable surface for relaxation. Just imagine sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace playing board games… this will never be an enjoyable experience on a hard surface floor.

2. Warm underfoot

If there is one place in the home where carpets are absolutely unbeatable, it’s the bedroom. Nobody likes placing their feet on a cold surface first thing in the morning when they wake up, or worse, during the night when you need to go to the bathroom.

3. Reduced noise

For all the benefits hard surface floors offer, they are terrible when it comes to creating a sense of tranquillity around the house. Carpeting dampens the clatter of footsteps, pets, chairs and furniture being moved and items being dropped or dragged, resulting in a more peaceful living space.

4. The safer option

Carpeting provides a slip-resistant flooring option, making it safer for children who tend to run around in the house and elderly people who could accidentally slip and fall. It also features a softer surface, so that when someone does by chance fall, they have a slightly softer landing

5. A style statement

No matter what your style – cool and classic, or bold and contemporary – there is a colour, design and texture available to suit your surroundings perfectly. Modern carpets come in so many different shapes and forms, from long, plush piles to short, practical loops, that you are guaranteed to find the perfect option for your home.

6. Easy and cost-effective maintenance

Keeping the carpets in your home looking great is easy! Carpet cleaning materials are easy to come by, and carpeting does not show cracks, scuff marks and dents like many other hard surface floors tend to do. A quick vacuum is generally all that is required to keep your home looking fresh and clean.

Find the perfect carpeting for your home at Top Carpets and Floors

As South Africa’s leading provider of flooring solutions, we have made it as easy and convenient as possible to shop for carpets for your home. You can browse our excellent range of products on our website and use the stylish Room Visualizer to get an idea of how the carpet of your choice will look in situ.

Furthermore, we also offer several guarantees on our products and installation service to give your greater peace of mind. Say, for example, you have second thoughts about the colour you have selected, simply contact us within ten days of installation and we’ll replace your flooring with another colour from the same range. You will only pay for the installation service.

What are you waiting for? Head over to our online showroom and start browsing our great selection of carpets for your home.

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