5 Tips for Stunning Commercial Blinds

Work environments have evolved tremendously and are very focused on culture and wellness today. As such, the right blinds in a commercial environment are important contributors to this.

When choosing blinds for your commercial space, these are the 5 tips to keep in mind, say the experts at Top Carpets & Floors:

  1. First impressions count: You want to create the right impression, and the type of blinds you install will speak volumes in this regard. Take the time to make the right choice of blinds and you will be richly rewarded with an interior that directly reflects the culture and ambiance of your business. A professional should easily be able to translate your company’s vision and ethos into the perfect-fit window dressings.
  2. The green factor: Blinds can control the amount of sun and light which enters a building and this can make a significant contribution to energy efficiency (apart from setting the perfect mood). With the right blinds, you can provide insulation during the cold months and repel heat during summer. The benefits of deflecting sunlight in summer include lower electricity accounts, less fading of interior furnishings, and a more consistent and comfortable inside temperature. After all, is doing good not also good for business.
  3. Function, Features, Benefits: Just as in a home, office space is divided into different-use areas, like a kitchen, boardroom, breakaway room, bathrooms and an auditorium, perhaps. There will be various door and window openings that may require blinds, and the type you choose will be dependent on the function of the room. Go through the functionality of the various types of blinds first. For example, roller blinds are easy to operate and always add a touch of class, whereas vertical and Venetian blinds will give you more control over light and privacy.
  4. Think happy thoughts: You can set the tone with the right blinds and immerse your employees in a vibrant, upbeat and stylish environment. Research shows that office environments that allow natural light in boost morale and the wellbeing of staff. Experts also say that letting a little sunshine in or having a view of a clear blue sky does wonders for work performance. On the flip side, too much sun, glare or uneven temperatures can make working an uncomfortable activity.
  5. Be adventurous: There are so many styles and designs of blinds to choose from, it is easy to interpret the mood of your business with blinds. Blinds can drastically transform the feel of an office, so be adventurous and make a statement with patterns, fabrics, bold colours and striking contrasts – while getting the functionality you need from the blinds. The colours you choose will depend on the feel you want to create. For example, light colours are soothing and relaxing and make a stylish statement. If your culture is more informal and quirky, but you still want to look professional, be a bit brave with colour. It does not have to be radical; there are many ways to incorporate colour and personality for an ultimately elegant and fun look.

These are but a few things to keep into consideration when your company is investing in commercial blinds. Should you require more information, contact us or visit your nearest Top Carpets & Floors branch.

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