Duraturf Artificial Grass – The Right Artificial Grass for Your Home and Business

Is your outside garden area letting you down? Are you tired of dealing with a never-ending mud, dust and eye-sore problem just outside your front or back door? Does your business need a relaxing garden area, but doesn’t have the budget to cater to continued maintenance? Duraturf artificial grass is the solution to each and every one of these situations.

Duraturf is a landscaper’s dream. It brings life to areas of the garden and entertainment zones that could look worn out, drab and dirty otherwise. You can create a healthy, lush outdoor environment with artificial grass – and it will look natural and feel great underfoot too.

Where can you use Duraturf artificial grass products? The simple answer is: just about anywhere! And you should. We often help clients with various types of installations and have found the following locations and placements quite popular:

  • Areas of the garden that don’t get enough sunlight or are unsuitable for natural grass growth.
  • Around swimming pools and braai/entertainment areas.
  • Around water features to add a naturally attractive appeal.
  • In courtyards or small balcony areas where there is a desire to have a garden area to relax in.
  • Small garden spaces where children and pets are causing grass growth to be sparse or stunted.

If you aren’t sure if artificial grass is suitable to your particular situation, simply ask and one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will happily advise you.

Homeowners and renters alike realise the true value of investing in artificial grass. If you want to ensure that the grass you are provided with is durable and long lasting, make sure that you choose from the best brands. Duraturf is a leading brand on the market and is trusted by many.

Artificial Grass is Environmentally Friendly

If you’re wondering whether you should opt for artificial grass or not, the answer is obvious: you should, especially if the environment is important to you. Unlike regular garden landscapes, artificial grass won’t need to be watered regularly – this is a huge plus, especially with South Africa’s water crises at the moment (April 2016). The product is also made from recycled materials and this means that less waste is sent to our landfill sites and more is put to good use, thus bringing beauty to outdoor spaces.

How to Care for Your Artificial Grass

Duraturf artificial grass doesn’t require much in terms of maintenance and care, but there are a few things that you can do to keep it in tip-top condition and looking great. First and foremost, you want to keep the grass surface clean. You don’t really need to wash it unless you spill something or you have pets that urinate in certain areas. You can actually just spray these down with a gentle detergent. There’s no real need for scrubbing and strong detergents. Sweeping the artificial grass can help to keep it dust free and if you have areas where furniture or even a pet have made it flat – just give their area a brisk brushing and it will look good as new.

If you happen to cause more serious damage to your artificial grass, such as dropping hot coals or a cigarette on it, or staining it with something that doesn’t easily wash out or similar, chat to our professional consultants who will advise you on your options or give you instructions on what to do.

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