How to Choose a Carpet – By Jurgen Human

January 19, 2017

Choosing a new carpet for your home can be a very difficult and somewhat daunting process. This is partly due to the fact that there are so many different types, colours and styles. Understanding what is right for which area is another complex issue. Not understanding the nature of carpets makes the consumer dependent on the sales person for the right advice. Below are some important questions that you need to consider prior to purchasing a new carpet.

What colour would suit the venue best? 

Prior to installing a carpet a lot of people make the mistake of not investigating the colour choice properly. The flooring plays a pivotal part in the overall flow and experience of an area. Installing the wrong colour can impact the perception of the size of the room. Darker colours have a tendency to make a room look smaller especially if combined with dark walls. Playing with dark and light colours can accentuate furniture or focus pieces. Choosing the wrong colour can limit future options when redecorating. Choosing the right colour flooring can enhance both furniture and space to create a pleasant aesthetic experience.

What style would I prefer? 

Style is dependent on both personal taste, fashion and application. In essence style is very subjective and unique to each person. Adding to this certain styles are more suited to certain areas. A plush cut pile carpet is best suited for bedrooms and movie rooms where a tight loop pile carpet is better suited for high traffic areas. It is important to inform the sales person of where you want to have the carpet installed and what styles would suit your application the best.

What fibre type is best suited for the area where the carpet will be installed?

Fibre types range from natural wools, nylon to polypropylene. Each fibre type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wool is one of the strongest fibre types in flooring but it can stain. Polypropylene is a very strong stain proof fibre but does not have any recoverable abilities, it is however the cheapest flooring option. Make sure you ask your sales person the difference between the various fibre types and what would be best suited for your installation.

What carpet grading should I choose that will give me the best performance?

Each carpet is manufactured to perform to a specific level of usage. The same carpet will perform differently for example in a bedroom than in a passage where there is more foot traffic. The carpet in a passage will flatten, stain or soil much faster than in a bedroom. It is therefore imperative that you inform the sales person as to the traffic in the specific area where you want a carpet installed. Ensure that you ask the sales person about how the chosen carpet will perform in the area of installation.

Which supplier do I choose?

Not all suppliers and installers are the same. It is important to select a service provider that will provide you with the most accurate advice but also ensure that the installation is done according to industry standards. Be sure to ask about the guarantees and warranties on both the products and installation.

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