What Can You Do With Offcuts That the Carpet Installers Leave Behind?

Usually, once the carpet installers have finished and are on their way back to the depot, you’ll be left with some remnants of unused material, commonly referred to as offcuts. In general, the more skilled the team, the more accurate will have been their calculations and the fewer leftover pieces you are likely to have. However, where rooms are irregularly shaped and especially, if you happen to have chosen a patterned product that requires careful matching, you could be left with a significant amount of spare material that, if you have the know-how, could be put to very good use.

Rather than dumping them or asking the carpet installers to dispose of them for you, hang on to them. There are a surprising number of ways in which these odd bits can be successfully re-purposed and even save you a bit of cash. If you have a washing machine that tends to do a shimmy across your kitchen floor or shake loudly, cut a square to fit underneath the machine and you should be able turn your back on it and drink your coffee in relative peace without having to flee to another room.

If your dog normally sleeps in a kennel, an offcut attached above the entrance makes a great rain- and wind-proof flap. Left by the carpet installers and cut to size, a small rectangular piece can provide your canine companion with some added comfort also. Cat lovers can also benefit, as a remnant stapled to a board can provide a perfect scratching post and spare your sofa in the process.

If you have a timber of laminate floor, chairs and tables can leave marks and, in time, repeatedly dragging them over these surfaces may even result in scratching. Small circles can be cut from the offcuts glued beneath the legs of tables and chairs to prevent scratching and even deaden the noise made when moving the furniture.

The leading carpet installers in Northern Gauteng and, for that matter, nationwide are Top Carpets and Floors and you are likely to see many of our choice offcuts used to make smart-looking car mats or lining the floor of a car boot to make it more soundproof. In the garden too, when you need to get down on your knees for a spot of weeding, cutting a pair of knee pads from an offcut could save you lots of pain.

The bottom line is that those offcuts can be of great value as can the quality products, experience, skill and competitive prices of Top Carpets and Floors expert installers in Centurion, Northern Gauteng.

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