Do Not Put Your Feet Up When It Comes to Choosing the Right Commercial Flooring

Have you been into a commercial space lately and taken note of the flooring?

Flooring in commercial environments is a major consideration for developers and designers, and they closely follow trends to ensure they are on point with the commercial flooring they install. This is because not only do they want to add to the aesthetics of the commercial environment and exceed the expectations of their clients, but commercial flooring must stand the test of time too.

Foot traffic, whether it be in a hospitality setting, retail, leisure or offices, is a foremost consideration for anyone tasked with putting the right type of commercial flooring down. Flooring is a big investment and nowhere more so than in a commercial space. Any commercial client will welcome foot traffic, so the developer and designer need to be absolutely sure the flooring they suggest will do nothing less than welcome continuous foot traffic – and still be beautiful in years to come.

What commercial clients really need is unique, inviting flooring that is also high-performing and easy to maintain. Maintenance is a major factor for any commercial client. Knocks, scrapes and spills are bound to happen, and the flooring installed must be able to handle these with ease. In fact, in some commercial environments flooring has to withstand a lot more than the occasional spill or scrape.

Take an industrial floor for example. The flooring design will need to meet high expectations and take into account the movement of people and machinery, the type of manufacturing environment and the nature of activity taking place day in and day out. Health and safety are also of paramount importance in any type of commercial setting.

Style and resilience go hand in hand when it comes to commercial flooring and with the vast array of commercial flooring products available today, the options are limitless. We continue to be impressed by what manufacturers are bringing to the table today. Processes, finishes and designs are evolving every day, which is great news for those in the commercial development field.

Top Carpets and Floors is a leader in commercial flooring installations. With our national footprint and wide product range, we are able to offer superlative flooring solutions to commercial clients. We can even coordinate entire projects across various sites, always ensuring nothing less than top-quality and value for our commercial clients.

We understand that commercial environments are all vying for a slice of the consumer pie today and that time is money when it comes to flooring installations – no retailer, hospitality venue or health care centre can afford for a commercial flooring project to take longer than expected or for the quality of the workmanship to jeopardise the entire project.

Getting professional advice right from the start will set the tone for a successful commercial flooring installation that delivers well into the future. If you are looking for vibrant, unique commercial flooring that will make your brand stand out but meet all the practical and functional requirements of flooring, impress your customers with a choice of flooring from Top Carpets and Floors.

Give us a call before you start planning your next commercial flooring project. Let us help you get the ideas flowing!

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