See Office Blinds in a Brand New Light This Season

It is spring in Gauteng and summer is just around the corner. There is plenty of sunshine and the world is suddenly a brighter place. The change of season puts a spring in everyone’s step, even at the office. What better way to celebrate the mood than with new office blinds? Gauteng is the country’s business hub and it is in offices across this bustling province that employees spend most of their day. Good blinds are a sound investment and can work wonders when it comes to creating a pleasant work environment for staff.

Many bosses overlook the benefits of blinds as part of an office interior makeover. The truth is they have the capacity to dramatically change and improve an office space. With the right blinds for the right purpose, the results can be amazing and really improve the atmosphere of your office.

There are so many office blinds to choose from and suppliers and installers are aplenty in Gauteng and elsewhere in South Africa. To avoid becoming overwhelmed while trying to decide which will suit your office best, it is helpful to narrow down your options of office blinds.

There are important considerations that must be taken into account when choosing office blinds. Once you have had a look at these, give Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets & Floors in Gauteng a call so that one of our experts can offer your further advice and assist you in getting your office blinds up and functioning as quickly as possible.

Here are 4 important things to think about when selecting office blinds:

  1. Functionality: There are various styles of blinds and each will meet different needs in your office. Roller blinds, for instance, offer ease of operation, while vertical blinds offer versatility in how much light enters an office, or how much privacy you have. These blinds are particularly popular in boardrooms across Gauteng and also in presentation rooms, where light needs to be blocked out.
  2. Fabric: This is linked to functionality too, and a very important consideration. Consider a solar screen or sun-resistant fabric for areas that get a lot of light. Roller blinds are a great option for an opaque barrier that blocks out light and for affording complete privacy.
  3. Noise reduction: Many people are unaware of the benefits of blinds in reducing noise pollution in an office environment. If this is a factor in some areas of your office, we can help you choose the right blinds for the best result.
  4. Health and safety: A comfortable work environment can boost productivity and reduce health-related absences. This is where blinds are wonderful in creating a healthy balance of natural and artificial light, which also helps to reduce eye strain. All our commercial blinds are available in a variety of options: solar protection, anti-glare, black out, flame retardant and anti-bacterial.

Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets & Floors, is a leading supplier of office blinds in Gauteng. We are so confident about our range of office blinds that we are prepared to say they will help you outshine your competitors! Give us a call today for the best advice on office blinds.

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