Choosing the Perfect Flooring Solutions for your Home

April 12, 2016

Flooring solutions come in a variety of forms, each with its particular characteristics that suit it to a particular situation. At no time in the past has the consumer been exposed to such a wide range of products as that which is available today to our Western and Southern Cape customers. Making the most appropriate choices for your home, however, will require, not just an eye for colour, but also some knowledge of those characteristics that will best meet the specific needs of the different areas of your home.

While the desired ambience will be a major factor in guiding your decision it is equally important to consider the relative practical merits of flooring solutions before settling on a particular option. Carpets, for instance, have been around for centuries and remain a firm favourite with most homeowners. They are, however, far better suited for use in a bedroom, family room or formal lounge than in a kitchen, where spillages are a common occurrence, or in a bathroom where high moisture levels threaten their longevity.

In these situations, highly practical luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are rapidly becoming the first choice of flooring solutions for use in these and similar environments.

Our modern, often busy lifestyles, have led to a need for floorcoverings that require the bare minimum of maintenance and, in this respect, both LVT and laminates excel. While the former offers a wider choice with regard to colours and provides better insulation from noise and heat loss, laminates, with their authentic wood-grain patterns, create the air of elegant simplicity favoured by the lovers of Scandinavian-style décor. The minimalists will find them to be an excellent choice for any room and the fact that they require little more than a wipe with a damp mop to retain their showroom looks places them among the most practical flooring solutions.

Soft, warm carpets, whether woollen, synthetic or made form a blend of fibres, top the list when it comes to choice of colour and pattern so matching them to your existing décor should pose no problem. They are an ideal choice for families with adventurous young children or elderly grandparents who may be unsteady on their feet.

Choosing the most appropriate flooring solutions for your lifestyle, whilst considering all of the practical requirements, is something that could benefit from expert guidance. Nobody is better qualified to advise you than Top Carpets and Floors. With 120 outlets nationwide there is always a branch nearby. In the Western and Southern Cape regions, for instance, Helderberg and Somerset West branches deliver world-class flooring solutions.

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